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I agree with those who say Adrienne wanting Sonny away from Will is NOT out of character. Hello??? Adrienne had problems with WilSon from the get-go, due to the fact that he is related to people like Sami and Kate, and she was afraid that Will was going to do something to hurt Sonny (AKA: Will and Gabi's one-night stand). We never really saw Adrienne say she accepted WilSon together and even when she tried to acknowledge it, you could tell that there was a part of her that didn't completely trust Will (or Sami for that matter). Now, with Sonny almost being in the line of fire with Jensen and having to deliver Gabi's baby in a shed, I can totally see why Adrienne would want to urge Sonny to stay away from Will. Doesn't mean that I agree with it (love me some WilSon), but I can totally see her motivation.

And even if any of the above wasn't true, Judi Evans is getting more screen-time: something a lot of people have wanted for a long time. Even if she was being written out of character (as many characters are now), I certainly am not complaining! The more Judi (and Wally), the better!
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