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Wow, this sounds a lot like what people complained about during the Jack/Jennifer/Daniel debacle. I think we were supposed to see Jennifer have feelings for Jack all through the Fall, but MR didn't play it that way. After MA left the show (and the writers changed), he said that MR hated the writing of the triangle and she knew that it was OOC and that the fans wouldn't accept it.

Hmm. Again, it makes me think that the actors are being hamstrung by the writing and the direction.

That could be true about MR, but she sure didn't have problems emoting in scenes with SC's Daniel, IMO.

As for DH, he may not have understood John's motive with Kristen, but he does know that John has loved Doc for decades. He could have shown that if nothing else.
But if John shows that he loves Marlena, while he is treating her like dirt and trying to sleep with Kristen, doesn't that make John seem like an even bigger douche? With no real explanation for his motivations and why he feels this is course of conduct is his only recourse, I don't see how Drake playing it so it is clear that John loves Marlena while he is chasing Kristen would make John look better than if Drake just plays John like he is.

Plus, of course, we have no idea what acting directives Drake has received. He may have been told to be intentionally vague about John's true feelings so the writers can do whatever they want.
No matter how he played it, John being civil to Kristen, let alone acting like he still "cares" for her in any capacity is the height of character assassination. The real John would want nothing to do with Kristen no matter what. No matter if she was the last woman on earth. He would be disgusted to even be in her presence.

I don't blame Drake for being pissed. He know what his fans want.
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