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re: Drake's recent underperformances in the Bristen storyline

All of the discussion of how Drake is really not even trying to act in his most recent appearances led me on a search of good, compelling Drake performances. (First to admit - he's more charisma than acting talent, but it's always worked for me.)

Some of the good clips I came up with:

Father John encounters Devil!Isabella during the Possession. Drake displays subtext, longing, and confusion. It amazes how good he is in these scenes, considering the fact that he is portraying a man who recently discovered he's a priest, talking to a re-animated version of his dearly departed wife.

Drake brings it as Fr. John concludes that Izzy B is actually the devil.

Drake in the scenes with Victor on the plane prior to Da Plane.

John talks to Belle in the hospital (he's also particularly good in the flashbacks in the clip).

Anyway, I personally just needed proof that he's a pretty good performer.

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