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Things you probably didn't know about Sean Douglas & other facts/info (c/o his interview with DivaOfDool):
1. He was one of the final 2 actors to play the character of Rafe & lost to Galen.
2. Vargas has no other written backstory other than what we originally saw (i.e., the in-prison stuff). Sean created his own backstory for Vargas so that he could better portray him.
3. Vargas was originally only supposed to be around for about 20 episodes.
4. Sean Douglas is originally from Houston, Texas.
5. Sean mentioned something about how TPTB (or someone like that) was kinda looking at how Hope & Vargas work together (i.e., pre-chem testing), but that they really haven't had all that many scenes together. --> i'm not sure if he's only referring to what's aired thus far.
6. He can sing & play the guitar a bit.
7. He's a bartender.
8. He describes the Days cast & crew as a welcoming family.
9. He says the writers are open to suggestions about directions they'd like to see their character go in. (He also mentions 3 main writers - is LB the 3rd?!) <-- i think i heard that correctly. i was only 1/2 paying attention cause i was writing out points 1 through 8.
10. Not directly about Sean, but the cast had a Spring Fling party a few weeks ago.
11. Sean is an Ari fanboy - he talks about how she's even more beautiful on the inside. (super sweet few min)
12. Sean hasn't filmed in 3 weeks. (he usually knows about 2 weeks in advance if/when he's working) - granted, Kristian hasn't filmed in about that long…so...
13. Re: the ring Vargas wears - it originally probably had some sort of explanation, but that never came to fruition. He doesn't deny or confirm if there's something on the ring.
14. He'd love to see what happens between Vargas & Hope, and it was Kristian that mentioned to him that they had been looking at possible chemistry between them, but there really hasn't been a scene between them to be able to really test the chemistry.
15. Vargas still has no first name. (Vargas is a latin surname)
16. Eric Martsolf was teasing Sean at a party about why he has such a cool name while everyone else has somewhat plain names. lol.
17. Sean thinks it could be cool if Vargas were somehow linked to Stefano. (he was agreeing with a caller - this wasn't an idea he had of his own)
18. He worked a lot for a while & now it's more like 2-3 shows, few weeks of nothing, 2-3 shows, nothing, etc. - thinks it may be a combo of not knowing where TPTB want to take Vargas next & the introduction of the new characters
18. Re: EJ/Vargas scene - Sean played it such that Vargas was intrigued to be meeting EJ, as he probably heard the DiMera name thrown around while he was in prison. no more EJ/Vargas scenes have been shot yet.
19. Sean says he's a good dancer & could've totally done the StripDays scenes.
20. Sean loves being on Days & is open for anything/everything for Vargas.
21. the "Vargas makes fun of Nicole calling out Eric in bed" episode was pre-empted in LA. Sean has yet to watch the scenes to see how they turned out.
22. If you haven't seen Mr. Deity, you should check it out - Sean plays Jesus.
23. He is not related to Michael Keaton or Michael Douglas. lol.
24. He signed with his management company after he got the job on Days.
25. He's gonna be shooting a movie (not sure what about).
26. Sean Douglas is a complete sweetheart!

Note: these points are not in an exact chronological order
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