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Listen, I have come to the realization loooong ago that "Super Couples" are thing of the past. "Doug and Julie", daytime's and "Days" first super couple were dynamite. The screen would be full of sexual tension and angst. The story of their love played over and over again for years, and the fans ate it up.

Then the 80's became a bonanza, and we'd have multiple super couples through out the decade that are forever in our memory. Even the 90's, though Reilly wanted to write more for "triangles" than "couples', had it's fair share of super couples (John and Marlena, Austin and Carrie, etc...). However, I got it about 10 years ago that the super couple dynamic was dead, and no one will bring it

ONE LAST THING: Just because super couples peaked and then declined, the writers are given no hall pass on their wretched writing. Hey, why not do some triangles, but wait for the actors with the right chemistry to pull it off (My mind goes back to Marlena, Roman, and John. It was the perfect setup and boy did the show ever capitalize on that one.) Write with what seems to be a plan or a climax. Let us see light at the end of the tunnel, even if the resolution is far from being exposed. KEEP CHARACTERS IN CHARACTER!!!! I have watched this show literally since I was a toddler. I know when a character is acting totally wrong and things do not line up with the characters history or personality. It's simple really, and they make it so complicated.
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