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Director: Steven Williford
Scriptwriter: David Cherrill

Segment 1: Replay of John and Kristen falling on to the bed.

Eric is having a restless sleep. He wakes up with a start.

Sami is sitting at Will's bedside when Caroline knocks and comes in. Caroline gives Will a kiss on the forehead. Sami - He's going to wake up tomorrow. The doctor says that he's going to be fine. Caroline - What about you? Sami - Me? You know me, I'm always just ... She starts blubbering - He almost died. Caroline comforts her. It's going to be alright. They said he's going to be fine.

Nick comes into Gabi's room. She's asleep. He recalls telling Gabi he wants to marry her and raise this baby together.

While Marlena stares at the picture she recalls Sy approaching her in the town square. OMG.

Repeat of Brady telling Nicole that after tomorrow his life is only going to get better as his dropped phone shows an incoming text from Kristen. What's with that look? Oh come on, you as well? You know how sick I am of people judging Kristen and I. You gave me a present Nicole. I thought we had your blessing. Let me guess, you don't think Kristen's the right girl for me either. Just say it. Nicole - I don't even know how to answer that question. I don't even know Kristen. The question is, do you?

When John pulls back and breaks the kiss Kristen asks - What?

Johnny - Grandma, are you mad because I took Ciara's picture? Marlena - No, I'm not. You said this was in her backpack? Johnny - Yeah. Marlena recalls a conversation with Hope about finding the mugger and that maybe he'd talk about what happened that night. Marlena talks to herself - She set up that mugging so that Brady would ... or is that him? What if she set it up just to make me look bad; just another ruse. Or what if it's not? This is what I need to prove to Brady who she really is.

Brady - Of course I know who Kristen really is. Nicole - Your soulmate. Brady - You're damn right! Nicole - Like Madison? Brady - No, completely different Nicole. I don't give a damn what anybody else thinks about what Kristen and I have. I'm sick of explaining myself. You realise when I met her I was at rock bottom. My life was nothing, do you remember that? Nicole - She saved you. Brady - That's right. She pulled me right back up. She gave me my life back. I never thought I was going to get it back. I fell in love with her. She fell in love with me and from day one that woman has had my best interests in her heart. Her love is true and pure and I'll tell you it's rare.

Kristen turns her back to John. Is something wrong? John pulls out his cell and grimaces but sends that text to Brady. John - No, this is right. He kisses her again as the camera cuts to Brady's cell under the table and then back to John and Kristen. John - I want you so much. Another kiss.

Segment 2: Adrienne finds Sonny sitting in one of the chairs near the nurse's station. She hugs him. I came as soon as I heard. Are you okay? Sonny - I'm fine. Will's still out of it from the anasthetic but they say he's going to be good to go. Adrienne - Thank God. That's good news about Will, isn't it? Sonny - It is. It's just sometimes when I hear his name ... I thought I was going to lose him. Adrienne hugs him again. He's going to be fine; so are you.

Sami - He saved someone's life. Caroline - Isn't that just like him! Always sticking up for someone, right? He was that way before he could walk. No bully was to big for him and no wrong can't be righted. I heard Gabi was involved. He was trying to save her life. Sami - Yeah. And he saved Nick Fallon.

Nick sits next to Gabi's bed. The nurse comes in with the baby. Hi there. Looks like Mommy is sleeping but Daddy's here. Have you gotten to hold your daughter yet Mr. Fallon? Nick - No. Nurse - Nothing like holding your newborn baby in your arms. Okay Arianna, Daddy's going to hold you while Mommy sleeps. She places the baby in his arms and shows him how to support her head. Enjoy her. She leaves the room. Nick looks from the baby to Gabi.

Marlena - Hey Johnny, you said this picture belonged to Ciara. Johnny - But she wouldn't share. Marlena - I understand. Do you know if she ever showed it to her mother? Johnny - I don't know. Ciara was hiding it from everybody. Marlena - Excuse me for a second. She goes to the bar and makes a call. Be there, be there, be there ... she has to leave a message. Hope, you have to call me. It's really, REALLY important. Roman ... no, he's gone. I've got the evidence right in my hands and I can't do a thing with it. She goes back to the table. Johnny, do you know when Grandma Caroline is coming back? Johnny - No. Marlena - Oh okay. She stands up when she sees Eric come in. She hugs him. I'm so glad you're here. Eric - Are you alright? What's going on?

Nicole - Hey wait. Do you hear me judging you at all? I just said that I don't know Kristen but I do know you are really, really happy. Brady - I am and it's because of her. Nicole - Okay. If you're happy then I am happy for you. She kisses him on the cheek. How's that? Brady - Thank you. Nicole - You're welcome. I'm going to head back to the old convent and see what the devil's gotten into ... Brady - No, you're not. Hold on. You never answered my question. Nicole - About? Brady - Eric. Nicole - Yes I did. I answered you completely, honestly, so help me God. There ain't no there, there. Really! Come on. Not those feelings. Not the feelings you suggested. Nicole Walker looking at Eric Brady like that is so way, way, WAY in the past. It's done, it's over. Brady - I wish I could believe you but there's a really good reason why I can't. Nicole snaps - What the hell did Kristen tell you?

Kristen pulls back from John and recalls Brady's proposal. She recalls a gift he gave her. She gets out of bed and goes to the door.

Segment 3: Brady - What in the world does Kristen have to do with you and Eric? Nicole recalls when Kristen taunts her about her feelings for Eric. Kristen - Didn't I just say there is no Eric and Me. Brady - Yeah but then you mentioned Kristen. Nicole - She supposedly saved you and gave you your life back. If she's this great woman why is she feeding you this crap about how I feel about Eric. Brady - Kristen never said a word to me about you and Eric. Nicole - Oh. Brady - The only reason I asked is because of how you went off on me when I mentioned him and made that comment about him. I mean, that was pretty over the top. Nicole - Have you met me? I'm always over the top. Look when someone makes a crack about my friend I speak up. Maybe you should remember that the next time. Have a nice wedding. Brady stops her. Don't leave like that. Leaving things on a sour note with you ... I can't do that. She smiles. Alright, okay, I'm sorry. Like I said, if Kristen makes you happy, good for you and good for her. Brady - Good for everybody. Thank you. Nicole - I can't believe it. The next time I see you, you're going to be married. Oh gosh, a million years ago if I knew you were marrying someone else I would be suicidal. But you'd still be my buddy, right? Brady - We'll always be buddies. Nicole - And friends, they say stupid things like that all the time. Brady - They do. And you know what friends do? They forget that it even happened. Nicole - Yes. Because you're the sweetest thing ever, I'm going to hug you. She does that. Can you promise me that you're going to stay happy? Promise! Brady - I promise. Nicole - Okay. She leaves.

Eric - I just can't believe that Brady is marrying Kristen tomorrow. Marlena - You couldn't sleep tonight? Eric - No. After everything that woman has done to him and John ... no. I'm guessing I'm preaching to the choir. That wedding has got you on edge too, right? Marlena - Yeah. Eric, I've got to get out of here. Eric - Why? Marlena - It's a long story but I promised I would watch Johnny overnight. He can't go home because they don't want him knowing what happened to Will or to Rafe. So do me a favour. When Caroline and Kayla get back would you please ask them to watch him overnight for me. Eric - Yes, sure. Marlena - Please stay with him until they get here. Eric - Not a problem. I can do it. Marlena - Oh, thank you! I love you so much and I think Brady ... well I think it's going to be alright. I've got to go.

Sonny - Hope, she showed up and she shot the guy otherwise Nick would be dead and Will, he would have ... Adrienne - It's okay. It's over. Let's not talk about it anymore. Let's talk about my son, the hero. Sonny - What? Adrienne - Oh yeah. I heard correctly. A certain young man delivered a baby in the wilderness without any help whatsoever. How did it feel? Sonny - She wasn't crying at first; she wasn't breathing. I was panicked. All I good think to do was what they do in those movies; I turned her around and swatted her little butt. Adrienne chuckles - And she started crying. Sonny - I'm telling you when you hold a baby in your hands and it literally comes to life ... Adrienne - It's a miracle. Sonny - Yeah but I never, ever want to do that again. Adrienne laughs - No, let's hope not. But you see why I call you a hero. Sonny - Will, he's the real hero. He could have left Nick there to die; gotten away but instead he showed such guts. Adrienne - Anyway I can see this hero? Sonny - He's sleeping right now. They say he won't come round until morning. I'm going to stay the night. I want to be the first person he sees when he wakes up. Adrienne - Let's go see him now.

Sami - Eric came by earlier and gave Will his blessing. Caroline kisses his forehead again. When God is with you nothing can stand against you. Sonny and Adrienne come in. Sonny - Sorry, we can come back later. Caroline - No, I have to get back to work at the pub. I just came here to give my great grandson a kiss. Sami will go with her. Caroline and Sami hug Sonny before leaving. Adrienne smiles down at Will - So handsome. Sonny - Yeah. Adrienne - And peaceful. Sonny - It's kind of amazing especially because of what he went through because of Nick.

Nick stares down at Arianna.

The camera pans to Brady's cell phone under the table and then to Brady going through his wallet. Marlena is in the square leaving another message for Hope. Call me, call me, call me. It's important. She turns and sees Brady. Brady, I need to talk to you.

John - Are you alright? Kristen - What's really going on here? John - It's pretty simple. Two people who want each other. Kristen rubs her arms. What do you feel for me? John - Well I feel that we've both been waiting for this ... Kristen - I want to know what you feel for me. Johm gets out of the bed. I thought you knew. Kristen - Just say it okay. Just spit it out. John - Well I feel ... oh come on, you know how I feel. You've known for months. Kristen - The truth. I just want the truth. Don't you think it's about time that one of us spoke it. I know exactly how I feel about you. Do you want to hear?

Segment 4: Nicole comes into the pub as Eric is telling Johnny he's getting smarter and smarter every day. Johnny - I'm supposed to. Don't you get smarter every day? Eric - Well, hope springs eternal. Johnny sees Nicole and runs to her and hugs her. Nicole - Hey Johnny, buddy, nice to see you. Johnny - Come on over here. He takes her by the hand and leads her to their table.

By the nurse's station Caroline tells Sami that she needs to talk to her. I need to say something. It's for the whole family, okay? Sami - Okay. Caroline - I know that I'm not what I used to be and that I can't ... Sami is going to say something but Caroline says no. It kills me not to be able to babysit the kids on my own anymore but you know life doesn't always give you what you want. Sami - Grandma, we love you. Caroline - Darling, please, just hear me out, would you? I am forgetful but I'm not fragile. I'm at war with this Alzheimer's but I have plenty of fight left in me. What I don't need is my family playing hide the facts from Grandma. Are you hearing me on this? Sami - Yes. I should have told you about Will sooner. Caroline - Yes and do you know why? Because I'm still here ... see ... me ... and I want to be part of the solution. If I can't I don't want to be a problem. I want to stand by you anytime you need me until I can't. You got it. Sami got it. She hugs her and cries. I need you. Caroline - I'm here.

Adrienne - I can't believe that I ever thought Will wasn't right for you. Sonny - You were hardly alone. Adrienne - But you didn't doubt it, did you? Sonny - Not for a second. Adrienne - We take so much for granted. It can all disappear in a second. We have to pay attention to that. We have to be grateful for every day. Sonny - I will always be grateful that Will's in my life.

Brady - If this is about the wedding or Kristen ... Marlena - Of course it's about the wedding and Kristen. I've got to show you something ... Brady - No, I don't want ... Marlena - This will change your mind ... Brady snaps - Listen! I don't want to see anything. It's not going to happen.

John - Kristen, I may not always have the right words ... Kristen - You're a liar. You're a lying, manipulative, self-serving son of a bitch that doesn't give a crap for anybody but himself. That's kind of old news though, isn't it? That's who you are. Why don't we talk about who you were. John buttons up his shirt - Where's this coming from? Kristen - You were the finger down my throat. I knew that if I was ever going to be free of you, screw therapy, I was just going to have to pretend that you never existed. And that's what I did. I acted fine. I walked and I talked fine for years until one day Stefano called and he wanted me back in Salem. And BAM! All those feelings of hatred came rushing back and I knew that I could finally have my revenge on you and have my revenge on Marlena and the joy it would bring me, right? John - You know what. I think we ought to just call it a night. Kristen - But I was wrong. Revenge isn't joy; revenge is hell. Let me tell you, it's pain and it's sadness and it's complete and utter loneliness. And there's no hope; there's never any hope and I'm sick of it! I'm so sick of it. I'm done with it. It's over. She throws the pearls at his feet.

Segment 5: Gabi wakes up and sees Nick holding Arianna . Isn't she beautiful? We're going to be so happy. She falls back to sleep.

Adrienne asks Sonny if he's eaten. Sonny - No. Adrienne - Come on. Let's go get you something. Plus I'm no doctor but Will may know you're here holding his hand. He might rest a little better if you're not here. Sonny kisses Will's forehead and leaves with his mom.

Nicole - I just came here to get some coffee but it's nice to see you Father Eric. Eric - And it's good to see you Nicole. I'm hanging out here with Johnny until Kayla and my grandmother get back. He was with my mom but she had to run. Johnny - She was real mad because of Aunt Kristen.

Brady starts walking away. Marlena - Brady, wait. If I've come on too strong, I'm sorry. Brady - I'm sorry too. I'm really sorry. I'm sorry about you and Dad. I hate the fact that you're not together anymore but you two treated Kristen like dirt so I had to choose between you and Dad or Kristen and I chose Kristen. Marlena - I know that ... Brady - My choice is final and we're going to get married and we're going to be happy and we're going to have our lives together. The one thing we're not going to do is listen to anybody else's lies anymore. I'm so done with this. He turns to leave. Marlena - Brady, take a second ... He keeps walking - Just stop.

John picks up the pearls. Kristen - It's exhilarating. Maybe I should write a song about how amazing it is not to want to destroy somebody's life or get revenge on somebody. What a concept! John - Geez, I'm confused. Could you be more specific? Kristen - Don't you get it? I don't care anymore about you and Marlena. I still hate you but it doesn't matter anymore. I have something so much better. I have Brady's love. John - Better? Better because you tricked him into loving you. Kristen - No, John. He loves me and I love him. John - Well you know what. He may love you but you can't love him. You know why? Because you don't have a heart. Kristen - That's not true. I do have a heart and it's full of love for Brady. What's the matter? Are you pissed off because your plan went to hell? I know why you're here. I came here for the same reason. I wanted to do to you exactly what you wanted to do to me.

Segment 6: John - Well now you've really lost me. Kristen - John, you don't think I knew that you wanted Brady to walk in on us. I wanted the same thing. I just wanted you to think it was your idea. John - And why the hell would I want that? Kristen - Because you knew it would be the end of Brady and me just like I knew it would be the end of you and Marlena. But John, I don't need that anymore. She holds up her wedding gown. I'm free. I'm free! I'm free to move on with my life with Brady forever!

Brady comes into the living room of the Di mansion. It's all decked out ready for the wedding. He walks around smiling. He picks up a matchbook - Brady and Kristen Forever.

Eric - Johnny, why was Grandma Marlena upset about Kristen? Johnny - She was mad at me too. Eric - Why? Johnny - I stole a picture from Ciara. Eric - Ahh. How does that make you feel? Johnny - Stealing is wrong. Nicole - Yeah it is. People do it all the time ... I mean, sometimes people do things that are wrong. Johnny - Even you? Nicole - Are you kidding? I did more wrong in this town than anyone - Eric gives her the look so she adds; I mean, you're not alone. Sometimes people do bad things but the good thing you did was admit it to Fr Eric. So sometimes when I do things that are wrong I admit it to Fr Eric and he makes me feel better and he forgives me. Johnny - Do you forgive me Fr Eric? Eric - Yes 'cause you know you're not going to it again, right? Johnny - No. Nicole, are you going to do it again? Nicole - Of course not. I mean sometimes you have to bend the rules a little bit - she gets the look again - zipping the lip. From now on you should only listen to Fr Eric. Johnny grins - She's funny. Eric - Yes, sometimes she is. Johnny - You should marry her.

When Sami sees Sonny and Adrienne return to the waiting area near the nurse's station she asks if Will is still asleep. Sonny - Yeah. We're just heading down to get something to eat. Mom, why don't you hang out with Sami and talk. Adrienne - Sure, I can do that. He leaves. Sami - You should be so proud ... I'm sure you are proud of him. It's an amazing thing he did. Not everyone's kid delivers a baby in the wild. Adrienne - I know. He hated biology. Seriously Sami, I'm so glad that Will's going to be okay. Sami - Thank you. Me too. And I can find out how that guy got out of prison. Adrienne - If you need any help I'll get Justin involved. Sami - Thank you. Adrienne - Is there any chance we can see that granddaughter of yours please. Sami - Oh my goodness. Of course. Are you kidding! I'll take you myself. It's a good excuse to go see her again.

Kristen - We're done here. I'm going to go home. I'm going to find my man and we're going to get married. John - You're not going anywhere and you're sure as hell not marrying my son. Kristen - The hell I'm not. Get out of my way. John steps in front of her. Kristen brushes past and opens the door. John slams it shut. You're not going to ruin his life. Two security guards muscle their way in. Ms DiMera, we had a report of raised voices. Some kind of argument. This is the same guy that was bothering you before. Kristen - Yes it is. He's insane. John - Don't listen to her. Kristen - Please stop him because I have to be somewhere. Whatever you do don't let him follow me. John - Damn it. Oh, Kristen.

Marlena strides into the living room at the Di mansion closing the door behind her. Brady. Brady - Did Harold you let in? Marlena - I told him I had to show you something. Don't go ballistic. Give me a moment. I will show it to you and then I will leave. I promise.

Segment 7: Nicole - Alrightee then, I think I'm going to skip that coffee and get out of here. Bye Johnny. She leaves. Eric - Johnny, what do you think? I think we should head upstairs and find you some jammies. Johnny - How come you didn't say anything? Eric - About what? Johnny - Nicole. I know she likes you. Eric - And what makes you think that. Johnny - Because she looks at you the same way she looked at my Daddy when she liked him.

Adrienne and Sami come into Gabi's room. Sami - Gabi is totally wiped out but I think it's okay to look at the baby. Gabi - I'm awake. Adrienne - Ah, sweetie, how are you doing? Gabi - I'm okay. Rafe, why doesn't he ... no one tells me about Rafe. Sami - I went and checked and they said he's fine. He's actually stable. Adrienne - You know what, when you're feeling better we'll get you a wheelchair and take you right over to see him. How does that sound? Gabi - Thank you. Sami - Do you think it would be okay if we took a peek at Arianna Grace. Sami looks in the bassinette. The baby's not here. Gabi - What! She's supposed to be here. Where's my baby?

Will wakes up when he hears the sound of a baby fussing. He opens his eyes and fuzzily sees Nick standing there with the baby. He passes out again.

John - Gentlemen, Ms DiMera has some pre-wedding jitters. She's marrying my son; kind of a stressful time. Guard - You're the same guy who kicked in her door. The other one asks - Have you been drinking sir? John - No I haven't been drinking. I have to go so if you'd excuse me. They block the doorway. It's not going to happen.

Kristen comes up to the door of the mansion. His car's out front. I know he's here. OMG. Just to be able to tell him how much I love him. She goes inside.

One of the guards tells John he's going to check with the front desk to see if Ms. DiMera lodged a complaint. John - This is far too important for ... Guard - It's not your decision sir. You'll leave when we say so. John tries to call Brady. Come on son, pick up your phone. Camera cuts to Brady's phone under the table in the square.

Kristen throws open the doors to the living room - Brady! Marlena is standing next to Brady who is staring at the picture of Kristen paying Sy. Stares all around!
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