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NE Spoilers week of June 10

Sami works to save Rafe's life

Kristen has a tense encounter with Sami and Eric

John makes a stunning confession to Marlena

Kristen and Nicole get into a huge cat fight

Things heat up between Nicole and Brady

credit: jcren

Monday, 6/10/2013
Jennifer finds Daniel yelling at J.J.; Kristen confronts Nicole after seeing her with Brady; John's admission upsets Marlena; Sami tries to help Rafe.

Tuesday, 6/11/2013
Kristen and Nicole battle over Brady; Marlena tells John their relationship is over; E.J. helps Sami out of a dire situation.

Wednesday, 6/12/2013
Kristen vows to get revenge against Marlena; things become increasingly complicated for Sami; Sonny makes a suggestion about Gabi and the baby.

Thursday, 6/13/2013
The police take Sami into custody; Gabi decides to move in with Sonny and Will; Jennifer and Daniel fight about J.J.

Friday, 6/14/2013
Stefano leaves town; Kristen has a meeting to discuss her revenge scheme; Daniel sides with Jennifer against Anne; something Cameron says gives J.J. an idea; Cameron tells Abigail he will not let Chad come between them.

Credit: zap2it.com

Kristen and Marlena have a heated exchange
Sami's version of events cannot be verified
Jennifer confronts JJ about vandalizing Daniel's car
Nicole seeks out Brady after she and Eric fight about Sami
JJ gets an idea when he overhears Cameron talking about drug samples
Stefano quietly slips out of town

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