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May 29 2013, 08:45 PM
May 29 2013, 05:15 PM
I am honestly happy that I gave up on Nicole ever being written the way I want to see her. Her life is a constant series of bad mistakes. I am not the biggest Sami fan but at least her harem of men all at least made an effort to pursue her and marry her. Nicole constantly ends up allowing herself to be used as a rebound with no interest in commitment and ends up getting her feelings hurt while the guy moves on. At this point it is just degrading and gross. :yuk: . Get some self respect girl.
I hate the way the writers treat Nicole. She must lose everything and must never be happy. I am still bitter about the fact that they made her lose her second baby and the way they did it was just awful. I would disagree that Nicole has no interest in commitment. EJ has pursued her and has told her countless times that he loved her, and she married him when he asked her. Not her fault that he is a lying dog. Brady also wanted a relationship with her and wanted her to leave EJ for him, but Nicole was committed to her relationship with EJ. She wanted it to work. She is single now and barely speaks to EJ because of what he did to her, and did not take him back even though he was begging her to come back to him, so she does have some self respect.

I think Nicole loves Brady but not in love with him, otherwise she would not have gone back to EJ for the sake of having Sydney in her life, a child that was not hers. The fact that she did that proved to me that she was not in love with Brady. As for Brady, he was in love with Nicole at one point, and wanted her to leave EJ and marry him, but because she kept on telling him that she loved EJ, he moved on. Although he still had feelings for her. I think those feelings were tested when she wanted a child and he refused to have one with her, even to adopt one. that showed that he did not love her enough to give her what she most desired. But it could have been simply that he no longer trusted her, because she did use to lie to him a lot, and he did break up with her because she lied to him one to many times. They had just started going out again when she made that request and I believe she would have married Brady if he had asked her again.

When she started fantasising about Rafe, she was on the rebound from EJ, but thankfully, nothing happened between those two. I just like them as just friends. Then came Daniel and he was the one that made the first move, getting all jealous with her friendship with Rafe, until the new writers came along and decided to put Daniel back with Jennifer which meant ending that relationship with Nicole immediately, and they did it in such a horrible way. Making her lose her baby on top od it was the worse. The only baby I have ever looked forward to being born on a soap and it is simply because of Ari why. She conveyed so well how much Nicole wanted a baby and I wanted it for her.

Since AZ came back on the show in 2008, she has been back and forth between EJ and Brady. Brady had told her many times that he loved her. EJ has told her many times that he loved her and married her twice, and was willing to go through with marrying her a third time if Nicole wanted but she did not, not after what he did to her. So, it is not that she has no interest in commitment. She makes the effort to chase the good guys. She chased Brady, not so much because she was in love with him but, because he was a good guy, and she believed a good guy will make her happy. She refused to give up on Daniel because of the same reason. I don't think many people believed that she was in love with Daniel. It was coming too soon after breaking up with EJ. She wanted Daniel because she thought he was a good guy and if she had him then she will have a happy family with Daniel and her baby. That is what she dreamed. So, more proof that she wants commitment. Now, she is in love with Eric another good person. They are all total opposites from EJ.

But you are right, these writers do not want her to be happy, and just when you think she will get some happiness they take it away from her and that is why it is so frustrating being a Nicole fan. There was no reason to have EJ cheat on her, and there seriously was no entertainment value in that, there was no reason for her to have lost her baby. It is only one reason I can think of why they did that. AZ is so good that even if she had her baby we still would have had some great performance from her.

I dread to think where they are taking her story now. She is hardly on as it is, but I hope they don't have Nicole leaping into bed with Brady. They should give it some time before he has anymore sex. After-all, he claimed to be so madly in love with Kristen. As for Nicole she is young, free, and single, and she is single through no fault of her own. At the moment the object of her attraction is not available being a priest and all so, I don't mind her and Brady getting closer. Just keep the sex out of it.
You are misinterpreting what I am saying. I was refering to the men having no interest in a commitment to her. Not about her lack of interest in a commitment to them. I also was not even refering to Ej. As I am not even going to touch on that mess. I was refering to the last year with her crush on Rafe that he did not return, her fling with Daniel that he ended and she embarassed herself, and her almost romp with Vargas in which he did not care that she called him by another man's name.
And besides leaving Ej, no I do not feel that she has much self esteem. Nor do I find her actions defendable any longer. The bottom line is that if you do not respect yourself, no one else will either. What she really needs is some counseling in order to get her life back in order. Not another rebound fling.
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