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I CAN'T with them trying to redeem Franco. That sh!t was embarrasing. Franco is NOT a redeemable character! He murderered, terrorized, stalked & strapped people to bombs, not to mention orchestrated prison rapes! "BUT BUT BUT...THERE WAS ANOTHER TAPE GUYS!! :'( " :eyeroll: :eyeroll: WAS I SUPPOSED TO FEEL SOME SYMPATHY FOR HIM cause he didn't rape Sam after all?? WTF?? HELL NO!! RH's performance was one note garbage, he played everything off like some silly harmless joke thanks to the brilliant, soapy writing which seemed to indicate everyone in that room plus the viewers should cut him some kind of slack. I really can't deal with that.

The character Franco is only good for his short, "mysterious" stints where he terrorizes/obsesses over Jason. He did NOT need to be brought back with Jason no longer on the show. And James Franco should be the only one in the damn role! He always generated good buzz for the show & had a hand in how the character was originally crafted. He was devilishly charming in the role. Roger Howarth is too old and merely plays the character as a smirk stricken joke so far. A total downgrade. Ugh! Countdown to him becoming a hilarious, romantic lead :eyeroll:

Don't get me started on those mumbling money grubbing bitches Kiki & Ava talking about Franco & arguing over the Quartermaine money in the middle of the dangerous duck docks :eyeroll: :eyeroll:

WTH? So Lulu remembers marrying & consummating the marriage with Stavros to protect the people she loves...but she still doesn't remember any of the people she loves?! Seriously, how do you remember doing something to protect people you don't remember? :eyeroll: :eyeroll: :eyeroll:

This show BLOWS!
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