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AllmyDaysatGh, I was just waiting for your post on this Franco clusterfuck and I completely agree with you. Besides the fact that Franco shouldn't ever be redeemed, it boggles the mind that TPTB would recast a role played by a well-known movie star. James Franco always gave a lot of good free press to GH (didn't he make some kind of indie movie about it?) so I just can't with the re-cast. Besides the recast being a bad idea, the writing for the reveal has been really bad. Sam's "rape" should have been handled with a lot more sensitivity, and I'm sorry but in yesterday's episode Michael should have grabbed Sonny's gun and tried to shoot "Franco." Also, Elizabeth, Maxie and Spinelli don't know about Michael's rape in prison yet they were written yesterday like they knew. And Elizabeth should have been the one to comfort Sam based on her own personal history with rape. Bad, bad writing all around.

Why oh why did they have to bring back the OLTL 3 crossover actors as new characters? I realize Easton and Alderson had 3 year contracts but I know on Days the studio can change a contract actor's status (somehow involving a 13-week cycle).
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