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Last year, she pretty much said she was told she had to. And everybody else was told they had to too. She had no clue what to submit, considering she asked fans on Facebook what to submit. The last time she did it willingly and was proud of her reel was like... 1995.
Ahh, I didn't know that. Well that's good to know because I think she had better material than what she submitted. DAYS made her submit, but not Queen Sweeney? I find that odd, but I do believe it.
I found last year so odd, because all these random people that didn't really have a story or a reel to submit were all submitting. And I mean, I thought she had some good scenes (lots with Chandler, some with Drake, a few with James and Renee), but Marlena wasn't front and center at all, she was barely in her own scenes for crying out loud.

It was all so odd. And the Emmys are a little odd, aren't they?
Yeah, I hate that the Emmys don't really have ANY type of guidelines for submitting. Categories are all out of whack, but they always have been. Deidre had some good stuff, not sure if it was Emmy worthy. But that could be said for most of the people who submitted reels. GH and Y&R take the Emmys way more seriously than DAYS ever has. I guess years of getting snubbed does that to you.
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