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One of the reasons I've not completely hated John is because I get what is motivating his character. Brady is probably the only person in his world that could make him choose between someone else and Marlena. He always loved Marlena (and that love is greatly missing from the screen right now and absurdly so) but when he didn't have Marlena, he had Brady. I'm talking post-Roman days, of course. When he had nothing else, he had that little boy. He's also some history choosing Brady over Marlena (the horribly ill-conceived Marlena's-the-villain during Lowder's Brady's days). All of this has helped me to fanwank much of what we've seen on-screen. Still doesn't mean I love what I've seen on-screen, or don't think that John should have worked with Marlena directly, and come up with a different plan to nail Kristen. The man's an ISA agent and ex-cop. He went out of town and they had the perfect set-up for him to have made an investigation into her dealings overseas and then he came back to town and could have easily linked her to Sy. And if Marlena was in on what he was doing, "breaking up" as a facade to make Kristen think she's winning, what a pay-off would have been Kristen's downfall and their reunion. What has been missing from this story has been John and Marlena's great love for one another, but the intentions of John have always been clear to me.
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