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Viewing Single Post From: B&B: May Discussion

May 3 2013, 05:44 PM
I just cannot believe the writers went there with Brooke.
I guess this is how the reveal will come about her and Bill.
But still, what the hell?
How can Brooke ever look at Steffy again without having the same names she called Steffy being throne at her?
I like Brooke when she is career driven woman, but when her vagina starts dictating, then she is an asshole.

You know in the end, she will blame Katie. She already started yesterday when she told Donna that Katie walked out on Bill.
Not even friggin two minutes after Katie left before she was on her back taking all of him and more.
Brooke always blames someone else for her situations! She has never taken responsibility for her actions! I hate when they send Brooke down the man stealing road, because she has no shame and always justifies what she does! She thinks no man can refuse her, and if they try, she wants them even more! Eric is right in that if Katie were to die, Brooke would dump him and run to Bill without batting an eyelash! :shame:
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