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I was just thinking about what I would do to change Dool and here my thoughts. Note: (some my plans are inspired what DrewHamilton did on As Days Go By and a little of Matt's ideas from his blog)

Resolution of Current Stories:

I would have a twist where EJ is responsible for Rafe's accident. Rafe wakes up and "kills" EJ, and then goes to prison. (Galen and James exit the show)
Gabi decides to leave Salem, Sonny and Will go along so the three can raise Arianna Grace. (Camilla, Chandler and Freddie exit the show)
Jennifer finds evidence that Jack may be alive. Jennifer and Daniel go off in search of Jack. (Melissa and Shawn exit) NOTE: I plan to bring back Jack and Jen at a later time.

New Format:
Now my Dool may not be for everyone but I would choose a direction and go with it.

Christie Clark as Carrie Brady Reed
Martha Madison as Belle Black Brady
Jay K. Johnson or recast as Phillip Kirakis
Recast - Shawn D Brady
Recast - Stephanie Johnson only if I cant get Shelley.
Recast - Mike Horton

New Casting: Alexander Kiriakis
Upgrade: Bryan Datillo back on contract as Lucas Horton

Ciara, Johnny, Allie, Theo, Claire

Basic Stories

My Dool would be similar to the late 90s 1997-1999 Dool. I would make Titan a major focus again and bring back Basic Black. I also play out family dynamics and let them drive storyline especially between Carrie, Sami, Belle their other family members, children and significant others.


Phillip and Lucas would run Titan together and often be pitted against Basic Black. John would leave Basic Black with Brady, Sami and Belle who also works as a nurse. Sami would defect to Titan once Carrie returns as BB's Public Relations Manager, this places her again somewhat as a black sheep and plays up the rivalry with Carrie. While as Titan, Sami and Lucas clash and butt heads but don't turn romantic anytime soon. Meanwhile Alexander Kiriakis (who I would write as the character EJ should have been) will start up a flirtation with Sami that drives Lucas crazy. I would use the Vets (Victor, Maggie, John, Marlena in a strong supporting role in this story). Kate would also return to Titan and try to push Alex/Sami closer to keep her away from Lucas, she would also manipulate Belle to get her closer to Phillip. We would see classic meddling in her kids life version of Kate. I would also add Kate to the Maggic/Victor mix and begin a rivalry between Kate/Maggie. Stephanie would also be added to the mix as a possible interest for Phillip as well as starting up a new relationship with Nick.

The Hospital

Mike Horton returns and takes Daniel's place. He, Maxine, Kayla and Belle run the main shift at the hospital. I would write Belle as the do-everything character. She would constantly run interference between her family, playing peace-maker for Sami/Carrie, being the doting daughter for Marlena, and perfect husband for Shawn. However in her quest for perfection she face a lot of demons, and reach the breaking point when a secret from the past leads to her near destruction. I would write a killer breakdown story for Belle and really explore the history between Shawn/Belle/Phillip/Chloe. As for Mike he would serve as the do-all doctor but also supportive friend for Carrie who is struggling to raise her baby girl alone without Austin. Mike and Carrie would slowly start up their relationship again. Mike would also serve as a mentor for the reformed version of Nick. I love Blake Berris and would continue to play in him in a gray role walking that line between good guy and near-villian. I would return Nick to his former genius days and have him serve as a Lab Technician. He would grow close to Stephanie before (likely) Chelsea returns.

Kristen vs Marlena and Eric/Nicole/Brady

Kristen after losing Brady is motivated by revenge again. She returns to work at the church and integrates herself into Eric's life as he seethes over Nicole and Brady. Somehow Kristen manages to get Eric to sleep with her and she becomes pregnant. Eric ashamed of his actions, leaves his position as priest and starts up a community outreach organization that would be the center of the teen story (Ciara, Claire, Johnny Allie, JJ, Theo). No longer a priest, Eric and Nicole finally reunite but a secret hangs over them. Kristen meanwhile is satisifed with carrying Marlena's grandchild but is her love for Brady stronger than her lust for revenge? Kristen tells Brady she got pregnant by a sperm donor, and they slowly grow closer again.

The Police Force

Without Bo around, Shawn-D takes his spot and becomes the younger hotheaded detective played opposite his mother Hope is who is more experienced and meticulous. Shawn- D would truly be the main young "hero" character of the show. He and Belle have this seemingly perfect life and perfect marriage, but in actuality things are not as they seem and the cracks get larger and larger.

The Teens

The teen characters would mostly support their parents/siblings and have mini stories. Claire would be a spoiled brat ala Hope Brady 1983. Johnny would be a the apple of his family's eye but cunning and manipulative while Allie would be very much Sami circa 1993, insecure and angry. Ciara and Theo would be the more mature teens and have a slow budding romance ala Miranda/AJ on AMC. JJ would be the trouble making playboy and I would probably bring in SORAS Joy Wesley for him to play off of.

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