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May 30 2013, 08:04 AM
May 29 2013, 03:26 PM
I'm open to Matthew/Jack returning under TomSell's regime, and I realize that must sound moronic coming from a fan who's watched her favorite actor be fired 4 times from the show, especially since it's no secret that Jack isn't Tomlin's favorite character.

However, I always got the impression that Tomlin's disdain for the character came (at least partially) from the fact that he felt he had to write Jennifer with Jack when the character was on canvas. I mean, Jack has seldom been treated as anything but Jennifer's other half, so logically, a headwriter could assume that having Jack around could be a constraint. For a lot of viewers, "Jack and Jennifer" as a unit was a must, so if a headwriter ever had a different idea (e.g. Jennifer and Daniel, which is still a horrible idea nonetheless), they probably felt they couldn't deliver it as they wanted to at the risk of created a backlash. Anyway, long story short, I think the circumstances are different this time around. More than ever, it's clear that a lot of viewers have issues with the character of Jennifer, and would prefer to see new paths explored if Jack would ever return. More than ever, I think writers who previously felt constrained with the character of Jack can clearly realize they have many options now.

Naaaah... nevermind... I'm delusional. :blulaugh:
Yeah, I think you are kind of delusional! :)

We pretty much have the evidence on screen about how Tomlin treats the vets. If he were made to write for Jack, we'd probably get some version of what he's done to:
-- John, who has been dumbed down, made to say and do outrageously insulting things that make a mockery of him and his past; and turned so OOC that he's unrecognizable;
-- Lucas, who has to mostly stand by and watch his kids have father-child moments with another man, doesn't get his own story, and who is only trotted out to be the "voice of the audience" every now and then (and who was on contract for a few months, then dropped to recurring);
-- Marlena, who has a couple of great scenes, but is mostly around to prop up other people in what should be a major story for her; or
-- Jennifer (see John above).

Tomlin does not like the vets, especially any vet who has been a lead character and/or a part of a supercouple. And when you read some quotes of his, it sounds like he's ageist toward any man (and most women) over 50. He may not be the only one at Days who is like this, but he's a primary perpetrator. That's why, as much as I would like to see MA/Jack return, I hesitate to want to subject him (and us) to this kind of treatment.

This. I want TomSell gone before MA or any other cherished vet returns. I trust this regime as far as I can throw a grand piano when it comes to writing for longtime characters whom they didn't create or who aren't their particular pets. Ironic that Tomlin in particular is such an ageist asshat since he's older than all the actors he fired when he came back on board last year.
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