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May 30 2013, 06:32 PM
I think Jack could have a really great storyline that has nothing to do with Jennifer. Nick is currently suffering from PTSD due to what happened to him in prison as well as what happened on Smith Island. Jack would be the perfect person to counsel Nick and to help Nick deal with his fears and emotions. (Jack was tortured by terrorists, and Nick was beaten and raped in prison, so both characters were trapped in a situation of repeated abuse.) Adrienne could also work with her brother Jack to help Nick because Adrienne was sexually abused by her father, and she blocked out the memory for a while before finally dealing with it. So, Adrienne could help Nick to see himself as a "survivor" rather than as a "shattered person. "

And as was previously mentioned, Kayla could also work to help Nick because she was once raped. And there would be some intriguing and dramatic awkwardness between Kayla and Jack because Jack was the one who raped Kayla. But Jack and Kayla could try to work through those issues in order to help Nick.

Or Jack could return to work at the Spectator, and Abigail could work as a part-time reporter at the newspaper. (DAYS probably doesn't have the budget to rebuild the Spectator newsroom, but DAYS could just build a small set for Jack's office or a small back area of the newsroom.) Heck, JJ could get a job as a freelance photographer, and Jack, JJ, and Abigail could all investigate stories together! This would be my DREAM storyline for Jack!
Yes, to a Deveraux newspaper dynasty, like the Lords on OLTL! Jack the editor, Abigail the journalist, JJ the ace photographer--maybe a few other family members could come aboard, like Justin and Adrienne's other sons. Or Stephanie could return and become a new features writer or something. And since the investigative fire in Jen-Jen's belly has apparently burned out, she can just stay in her pencil-pushing PR position at the hospital, doing a mediocre job and having petty disputes with Anne. OTOH, if there is anything left of the Miss Horton of old, maybe being left out in the cold while her son, daughter, and (ex)husband pursue careers in journalism could reawaken her.
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