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Director: Herb Stein
Scriptwriter: David Cherrill

Segment 1: Nicole is in the rectory. She recalls Johnny telling Eric he should marry her. Eric comes in ... looks are exchanged. Nicole smiles.

Lucas comes into Will's room. Look who's awake. Will grins - Hi Dad. Lucas - Obviously he's on the mend ... looking good. Sonny - He'll be good as new. Lucas - Excellent. Well look at her. That's amazing. You must be popping stitches with pride right now. Look at that little baby. Look at those eyes. You got to meet your daddy. You know I got all the details about what happened on Smith Island. It's pretty incredible. Will - I just did what I had to do you know. I learned that from you. Lucas - I don't know about that. You did some wild and crazy things that you learned from the blonde over there. Sami - Of course. Lucas - Thank you Sonny for bringing the baby here so Will could see her. Sonny - We didn't do that. Will - Nick did.

Repeat of Nick crying and telling Gabi it's time for her to know the truth about him. Gabi - I do know the truth. Of course I know the truth. You're an amazing man with a great heart and we're going to have a really great life together. Nick - Gabi, stop. Gabi - What? Nick - You just think you know me but you can't. I don't even know who I am. Gabi - We shouldn't talk about this today because you've had a really awful day and you just need some sleep, that's it. Nick - Gabi, we have to do it now. I've been hiding stuff. I've been telling myself ... I don't know ... that somehow it would evaporate or something. Or maybe I thought I could just lie forever. Gabi - No, we haven't lied. We've told everything to each other. We haven't done that. Nick - Gabi, I lied about everything. Gabi - No ... what ... Nick - Everything. I blackmailed Will to give up his rights to the baby. I blackmailed him. Gabi - Okay, I always thought that you had something over him but that's because you were trying to protect me from Sami. Nick - No. It had nothing to do with Sami. It's because Will's gay.

John approaches Brady. You look like hell. What's happened? Brady - What did you do tonight Dad with Kristen? John - All I want to know is are you okay. Brady - All I want to know is what you did with Kristen tonight. Did you go to her room tonight? Did you try to seduce her Dad? Yes or no.

Repeat of Kristen looking up and seeing Marlena. Bitch! Marlena - Isn't that what payback is Kristen? Kristen - You viscious, vindicative ... Marlena - Bitch. Yes I know. You said that. Kristen - Can't help yourself, huh? Had to come back and gloat. Marlena - I didn't come back for you. I came to make sure Brady was okay. Kristen - He left and he's not okay. You ruined his life, remember? Marlena - I thought he had the right to know the truth. Kristen - Is that what you thought? Are you sure you didn't think that you've been trying to get revenge on me for 15 years and now is your chance. So what if Brady gets hurt in the process. Marlena - That was never the intention. Kristen - Oh really. Now you're here, what do you want! You want me on the ground again so you can kick me when I'm down. You know what, I didn't think it was possible but I hate you more than I ever did. I only have one regret ... that I didn't kill you when I had the chance.

Segment 2: Nick - Look, the way I treated Will and Sonny is not because I'm religious. In prison ... things happened that changed me. Gabi is going to say something but Nick stops her. You need to let me get through this okay ... all of it. Because if I can't tell you ... Life inside, Gabi ... you have no idea the things that can happen. When I got out I was a wreck you know ... I was lost. I was just faking everything just to get through an hour. And then to get through another hour. And I thought if I could just forget you know ... if I could just wipe away everything that happened that I would be okay. He cries. And then I met you and OMG, you were so wonderful and warm and sexy and loving and I made a huge mistake. Gabi - What are you talking about? Nick - I held on to you Gabi. I held on to you for dear life. I made you my whole world and I took everything that happened in prison and I put it in this box. I just locked it away. And that's ... I thought it would be okay. I thought that you would save me because as long as I had you then I wouldn't have to deal with all my demons. And then Will ... Will turned out to be the baby's father and that's when some of those demons started to come out again. Gabi - Will and Sonny never did anything to hurt you. Nick - I know. I know. But if I didn't treat them like dirt how was I going to justify all my dirty secrets. I know this doesn't make any sense Gabi but I couldn't stop it from happening. And then Will ... Will risked his life for me. He almost died trying to stop Jensen from killing me. And that's when I realised I've got to face what Jensen did to me in prison. I've got to face all of the lies. I'm sorry. I'm sorry Gabi. I'm so sorry. They both cry.

Nicole - So how was Johnny after I left. Eric recalls Johnny telling him that Nicole liked him and how he knew. Eric - Interesting.

John - I need you to know that no matter what son I love you more than anything in this world. Brady - Wow, that's reassuring Dad. Do I get my answer now. Hope walks up - Brady. John - Hope, we're in the middle of something. Hope - So am I, sorry to interrupt. Brady I need to ask you some questions about Kristen and Sy Miller. Brady looks down at the crumpled photo in his hand.

Marlena - Wow. The real Kristen emerges. Hello again. Kristen - Go to hell. Marlena - You put on quite a show the last six months but I never bought a ticket because I knew the truth about you, I always have. Kristen - I think you and I need to have a little talk. I don't think you know everything you think you do. Marlena - I don't care what you say about anything or anyone. Kristen - Not even John.

Segment 3: Nicole watches as Eric fiddles with his collar. Johnny was interesting ... what does that mean? Eric - You know that little boy. I was just wondering, are you comfortable working here? Nicole - Sorry? Eric - I guess what I'm trying to say is are you at peace living here. Nicole - At peace? I don't know ... ooooh ... are you talking about that comment Johnny made earlier. Eric - I'm just concerned that maybe ... Nicole - You can't possibly think that I have feelings for you, that's crazy. What's the matter with you!

Sonny is holding Arianna now. Sami - Let's get the baby back to the nursery. I'll go with you. They leave. Will - Dad, would you mind sticking around for a minute. Lucas - Sure.

Sami - I really want to hear every detail ... what Nick said to you when he brought the baby in.

Gabi - You said that I was someone you grabbed on to. Does that mean that what we had wasn't real? Nick - When it all came flooding back I realised I've spent every day since I first met you pretending I was someone else. Gabi - So you never really loved me? Nick - I thought I did. I wanted to. I'm so confused Gabi. I was lying so much to so many people. How could I know what I really felt. Gabi - Nick, you swore you loved me. Nick - Honest to God Gabi I wanted my fantasy to be real but you have to understand in prison I was so twisted that I ... Gabi - Before we got married Nick I asked you, I begged you to tell me what happened to you. Nick - I know! And I couldn't tell you. I couldn't do it. I'm sorry. Gabi - We got married Nick! And I just had a baby. What is it that you're trying to tell me? Nick - Jensen ... Jensen raped me Gabi. He raped me and he beat me again and again and again and again and after that there was no me.

Hope - That photograph will be key evidence. I'll need it. The man receiving the money from Kristen ... he's one of the muggers from the square, correct? Brady - Yeah and that's Kristen paying him off right there. Hope - You received that photograph from Marlena tonight. Brady - Yes I did. Hope - Has Kristen seen it? Brady - Yes she has. Hope - And what did she say? Brady - She lied. She lied just like the day in your office when I ID'd this guy as one of the muggers. Hope - Exactly, when she insisted he wasn't one of the muggers. Brady, what do you think now? Brady - What do I think now? I think she hired two men to stage an attack. I think she knew that I'd follow her. She knew that I'd rescue her and she knew she could reel me in and lie to me and then use me. That's what she did.

Kristen - First of all my condolences for your upcoming divorce. John told me. Marlena - Well first of all it's none of your business. And secondly, nothing is written in stone. Kristen - You crazy kids think you're going to work things out? Marlena - As I said, none of your business. Kristen - Maybe. I can't help being a little nosy because a couple of hours ago he was in my hotel room. Actually he was on my bed. He had me on my back ... should I go on?

Segment 4: Sonny - Nick just showed Arianna to Will, said he was sorry about everything and Will said he understood. Sami - Will was really amazing out there, wasn't he? Sonny - Yeah, that's who he is. Sami - It's a weird feeling when you realise you're child is a better person than you are. Sonny - You wouldn't have let Nick die. You know you would have done something too. Sami - No, I'm not a 100% sure of that. What I really want to know is how the hell that guy Jensen got out of prison in the first place. Look what he's done to Rafe, what he did to Will, what he was going to do to Gabi. Man, somebody better have some answers.

Will - I just wanted to say that everything you said was spot on about me seeing my daughter for the first time. Lucas - Overwhelming, isn't it? Will - I swear it's like when I woke up and Nick was standing there and he brought me her, it was just like ... I swear music started playing. Lucas - She's beautiful man. So tiny and helpless. Will - Yeah. Lucas - And you've got to realisel; you've got to know you're responsible now. Will - Yeah. I'm going to do everything I can to give her the best life you know. I'm not going to let anybody hurt her. Lucas - That's how I felt when you were born.

Nick - He raped me. I've never said that out loud before. But that's what happened. It's real. And that's what I have to deal with now. What's real. I can't tell you how sorry I am that I used you Gabi. Gabi - So you're saying that it was a fantasy ... what we had ... Nick - It was so obvious what I was doing you know. Sonny and Will show up and I start in with the names, then thrashing them every chance I get. I hated them because of what Jensen did to me. It's sick. Jensen wasn't even gay. In prison it's not about being gay or straight, it's about violence, power. Gabi, I'm so sorry. I wished you'd never met me. Sami and Sonny come in with Arianna. Look who we have for you. They come in and see that they're both crying. Sonny - I'm sorry, is this a bad time? Sami - We'll just take the baby to the nursery. Gabi - No, I want to hold her. Sami - Isn't she precious. A nurse comes in. Mrs. Fallon, I need your signature. Gabi looks at the paper. It's Arianna's birth certificate. Nick takes it.

Nicole - You are a piece of work. May I remind you since you hired me ... and I admit, we've had our fights, but I've stood by you and I've tried to be the best friend I could possibly be. And what are you doing? You're obsessing over what a child said. Really, a child. Oooh Nicole can't keep her eyes off of me. I'm so irrestible to her. Eric - Nicole, I never ... Nicole - You were thinking it. Better get over yourself Eric.

Hope - Brady, I'm so sorry. The photograph, I'll need it. Brady - It's evidence, take it. Hope thanks him and leaves.

Marlena - I think I'll pass on your stories about John. We all know you're incapable of telling the truth. I guess Brady found out the hard way, huh? Kristen - Ask him. Marlena - Sorry? Kristen - Ask John if he wasn't on top of me ready to go. Marlena - I think I've heard enough. Kristen - He's going to tell you that he did it to save Brady. That he had to have sex with me so he could show Brady what a horrible person I am. That's plausible, sort of. It's crazy that I know John so well. I think I know him better than you do. He has this way of doing things. He convinces himself that he's doing them for the right reasons. That seducing me was okay because it served a higher purpose. But did you know that he's been coming on to me for weeks. Marlena scoffs - Have you no shame? Kristen - There's no shame in telling the truth. Marlena - You're trying to fool yourself into thinking that John would have anything to do with you at all. Kristen - Oh honey, honey, sweetie. I don't have to fool myself about anything. He was on top of me. Now granted, his pants weren't at his ankles but he was ready ... Marlena - You are disgusting. Kristen - Aww... can I help it if he still wants me. There might be a little emotion stuff there but basically it's just sex and I know that you're not exactly in touch with that part of yourself. You know and I know that when John and I are in the same room sparks fly. You see it ... it terrifies you because you know it's never going to die.

Segment 5: Eric - I think you're reading too much into this. Nicole - You're reading too much into things. Really, a silly little comment from Johnny DiMera. But I know why ... because you're always judging me and you're disappointed that I'm an openly sexual person with healthy needs and desires. Eric - Nicole, I really don't want ... Nicole - Why don't you just face it Father okay. I can get those needs met anytime without your help. So stop assuming that you're on my radar. In fact, if I'm going to continue working here, I want a full blown apology from you by noon tomorrow. She walks out and breathes a sigh of relief.

Sami - I'd like to see that birth certificate. Nick - No, you wouldn't. Sami - Excuse me Nick but I have every right to look at it. Nick - There's no point Sami. He looks at the nurse. It has to be redone. The name of the father is wrong. Nurse - I'm sorry. The paperwork says you two are married. Nick - We are but the name of the father is wrong. Gabi - The name of the father should read William Horton.

Will falls asleep after mumbling that everything is going to be perfect now. Lucas kisses his forehead.

Marlena - If you're expecting me to have some apoleptic fit over your accusations, you're wrong. Kristen yells - Ask him! Marlena - I wish you could understand how sick you really are. You are as sick as the day you tried to kill me. You're ranting, you're raving, you're out of control. Kristen throws her glass past Marlena's head. Kristen - I could have destroyed all of you tonight. You and John, Brady. All I had to do was let John do what he came to do and make sure that Brady caught us in the act. It wasn't a lie. I don't care what anybody says. It wasn't a lie. I changed. I changed because of Brady's love. I realised that no revenge could ever give me the joy that loving Brady gives me. She starts to cry - So I told John that I was leaving. That I chose a wonderful man's love ... I chose love. And then you came with that photograph and you ruined all of our lives. Marlena - That's a heartbreaking story and you brought it on yourself. Kristen - Shut up! You smug, sanctimonious bitch. Get out. But just remember one thing; remember what I told you about John. He was all over me ... he was everywhere. Now you live with that the rest of your putrid little life.

Brady - You never answered my question. John - You know the truth now. Isn't that all that matters? Brady - So I don't get an answer which is an answer. John - Son ... Brady ... Brady yells 'get away' as he's leaving.

Segment 6: Hope is now in the DiMera living room. Marlena - She has convinced herself that she's the victim. Hope - Of course she has. I saw Brady. Marlena - How is he? Hope - About how you'd expect. Marlena, you did the right thing. Marlena leaves. Hope - Kristen ... Kristen - No, I cannot deal with this right now. Hope - Well unfortunately you do have to talk to me about this. She holds up the picture which is now in an evidence bag. I think you know who gave it to me.

The nurse takes the paperwork from Nick. I'll get this taken care of. Sami cries - Gabi, Nick, you're doing the right thing. That was ... thank you. She leaves. Sonny leaves as well.

John and Marlena come face to face in the square. John - You did it! You nailed Kristen. Marlena - She did that herself. All I did was show Brady the picture and then she couldn't lie her way out of it. John - Well it's over and we won. Brady knows the truth and now we can just put things right.

Brady is still in the park. A dealer comes up to him. I've got some great stuff bro. Durango dynamite. It takes you straight to happy. C-note makes you a winner again. Brady says no. Guy - Your loss bro. He sits on the bench. Nicole comes along. Brady, what are you doing here? Hey, you look awful. What happened. Hold on, it's something about Kristen. What? Tell me. Brady - It's over.

Segment 7: Sami and Lucas sit down in the chairs near the nurse's station. Sami - I had this big revelation tonight. I had to tell Sonny. It's a crazy feeling when you realise your kid is a better person than you are. What do you think? Lucas - I think our kid is a lot better person than you are. She swats him and laughs. Lucas - What? He's a better person than both of us put together and that is just the way we should want it. He kisses her hand.

Sonny talks to a sleeping Will. So incredible. Not so long ago everything seemed so dark, nothing to hold on to. Now everything is going to work out. We're going to make it work. He takes his hand. You and me together.

Gabi - Nick, we have alot to think about. Nick - Get some rest. He leaves. Gabi cries. Don't worry sweetie. You're mommy's always going to be here for you. You're always going to be loved.

Eric kneels down in his bedroom to pray. Heavenly Father, I ... please bless Nicole, whatever her needs. I also want to pray tonight for my stepbrother Brady ...

Brady - I fell in love with a lie. I just ... how could I have been so stupid! I don't understand. It was all just a joke. Nicole - I'm so sorry. Listen, why don't you and me go somewhere okay. We'll go to a bar ... to an all-night diner and we'll just talk until they kick us out, okay. Look at me. You need a friend right now and I could use one too. I'm not going to leave you alone tonight. I'm serious. I'm not going to leave you alone. You're not fine. I'm so sorry. They hug.

Marlena - What did you do tonight John? John - Well it's complicated. Marlena - Always is. John - Look Doc, I'm not sure what you heard ... Marlena - You know what, I don't want to think about this tonight. Not about you or Kristen or about what happened or what didn't happen. I don't want to give it one more ounce of my energy. She leaves.

Kristen - So I don't suppose you'd be willing to call Brady for me. Tell him how much I love him. I always will. Hope - No, I won't be doing that Kristen. I'm here to take you down to the station where you'll probably be charged with conspiracy to commit aggravated assault ... a felony ... that I'm sure will stick and I think you know that because Brady will be testifying against you.
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