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Thanks for the interview!

I'm glad that, like me, she doesn't really seem to want Susan to return. I couldn't care less about seeing E.J. interact with his mother (probably because I couldn't care less about E.J., period), so the "...but it would be so interesting to see them together!" argument just doesn't work for me. I'd prefer to just have plenty of Kristen goodness.

Besides, if we were to get a kooky character on the show again, I'd want it to be Calliope, not Susan.

I love that Eileen was ballsy enough to at least hint that the out-of-character part of the storyline didn't really work. I also love that she still seems to be genuinely enjoying her time at Days and doesn't seem eager to leave any time soon (of course, I could be reaching there, but that's the impression that I've always gotten from her interviews this time around, and this latest interview has done nothing to change that).

I liked her answer about the younger Brady, because that's exactly how I feel about the matter. It's a total non-issue, IMO.

I would love to see Kristen in Will and Sonny's orbit -- that would be so much better than having E.J. and/or Nick in Will and Sonny's orbit.

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