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My son is not a homersexual.

I think what she meant that at this point, it's obvious that the writers aren't going to go there bringing Susan back into the fold. She's probably not holding at hope at this point. I will say one thing, Eileen absolutely wanted to do Susan again. If they wanted her to do it, I'm sure she'd jump at the opportunity.

She just did a Soaps.com interview.


She's obviously not going anywhere. It makes me laugh when they have to play stupid like they don't know what's coming next. The show shoots four months in advance. Pretty soon, Eileen will know what Kristen's Christmas is going to consist of. lol. Many of the cast understandably forget what it is that we're currently seeing and what happens because it's so far back when they filmed it, and they film so much in such a short span of time. I wonder if any of them make notes for themselves so that when they're interviewed, they can remember what it is that people are referring to that's currently airing on the show.

I can't believe that Eileen is able to not to leak out these great scenes ahead of time. She said that she's loving the scenes they're currently doing now. They must be great!

It seems that Kristen has gotten a lot of new fans after this week. I think they showed every aspect of the character in just one scene (that aired over a few days). You see how entering, and how multi-layered she is. That makes for good storytelling and television!

One Big Beef: Why no new photos of Eileen??! I think we got a total of five, and one had Eric Martsolf in it! IMHO, the only great shot was the 'red dress'. They're having to reuse the one photo of her in the turquoise top for magazine covers. The rest of the cast keeps getting official character photo shoots booked. Eileen is still MIA... and not for anything, she is the most photogenic woman around. I'm sure she's a dream for photographers.
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