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On a related note, something just occurred to me. Eileen has said on more than one occasion (including in this interview) that Susan doesn't really fit in the current show. The general assumption seems to be that she's referring to the belief that there isn't really room for a kooky character in Salem right now. While this could be the case, I wonder if it's really about the taping schedule that they use these days. They might not have time to constantly go back and forth with all of those extra costume and makeup changes, especially if Susan and Kristen were sharing scenes together on a regular basis. I can't think of anything similar that they've done since switching to the new schedule -- Rafe and fake Rafe's appearances were identical, so when they needed Galen Gering to switch from one character to another, it was only a matter of a simple wardrobe change. The same is true for Hope and Princess Gina (the blonde streak barely counts as a unique appearance) and John and the Pawn. Eileen's characters all looked completely different, though.

:shrug: Eh, just a thought. It's probably off-base, and maybe I'm overestimating the time that it took for Eileen to transition from one character to another, but I could see how bringing Susan back could actually slow production down.
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