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The Room Stops
Jun 1 2013, 12:41 PM
May 31 2013, 10:09 PM
May 31 2013, 12:14 AM
That showdown with Kristen and Marlena is the reason I never stopped begging the show to bring ED back. As much as I hoped for it, I never thought I would see Eileen and Deidre in scenes again, so I'm still kind of pinching myself that she's actually back.

Those scenes were everything I hoped for and then some. Totally worth the wait.

If Eileen doesn't win the Emmy this time around I'm going to riot!
I just watched the episode and agree. Some have said the climax was underwhelming, but I disagree. Kristen and Marlena had a good showdown. It's not like Marlena can gloat that much; her marriage is in shambles. Yes, she brought Kristen down, but she didn't win the war. Because of Kristen's actions, her revenge plot may well have worked. Brady hates John for trying to sleep with Kristen, Marlena's starting to realize that John is not the man she married and probably does have latent sexual desires for Kristen (how else could he come up with such a cockamamie plan to take down Kristen: have sex with her?!) and nothing is as it should be. The writers did a good job by having Kristen point that out: it WAS a dumb plan. But that was done for a reason: to show that John is not the man Marlena married. It's possible that this is really the end for John and Marlena. Thanks to Kristen.
Except that throughout the entire story we saw that that was most definitely not the case.

That's what I mean when I say that no part of this story has made sense. It's all plot points and nothing character driven.
Agree! And we had to watch a whole lot of stupid and whole lot of sex for months on end before we finally got to this climax. (no pun intended)

Everyone lost in this story. Brady lost his brain and only got it back just in time for the big show down so that we could watch him, dump the woman he was going to spend the rest of his life with. His relationship with his dad and Marlena has been damaged. He was also a jerk through most of this story.

John also became a jerk, lost his brain and now has lost his wife.

Marlena has now lost her husband.

Basically the ones that were suppose to be the good guys lost in a big way, and Kristen the villain would have won, if she was not now claiming to have had an epiphany and is now in love with Brady.

I normally like Brady, but I cant feel sorry for him because of the way they were writing him. I certainly don't feel sorry for Kristen. Feel nothing for John because of his behaviour, and the ridiculous plan he came up with to save his son, and never once thinking this is insane I am not going to go through with it. What they have accomplished by thy this story is damage the way we normally view the characters of Brady, John and even Marlena in a way.

It was just great to know this story was finally ending and good performances saved the day. Although I am not a John and Marlena fan, I find it sad that the writers did this to their relationship, and it was not necessary. Another super couple bites the dust.

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