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I'm glad nuLulu told Stavros to stuff it instead of sleeping with him. She really is her father's daughter and it's an interesting twist as to why she has amnesia. I think Emme Rylan is a good actress but I'm still adjusting to this recast. JMB's Lulu had a rough-around-the-edges vibe to her based in large part on her being Luke Spencer's daughter and her essentially being raised without her mother. This also worked well with DZ's Dante as he has a street-kid-from-Brooklyn vibe. Now that ER is playing Lulu with her memories back, I don't know. I'll have to see how this plays out---it took me some time to adjust to Chad Duell's Michael who I now love.

Speaking of Michael, why on earth is he telling the obnoxious brat Kiki about the darkest hour of his life?

I hold the Prospect Park mess to partly blame for this Franco mess. I think we are seeing some studio interference and it's not good. Then again, it never is when you get too many cooks in the kitchen. Kind of reminds me of how Days went off the rails under MarDar in the winter of last year.
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