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Sammie Jo
May 30 2013, 01:14 PM
Dear writers:
I was really hoping that after Billy saved the ranch from blowing up, and everyone's life, that you would stop the Victor/Billy feud, but evidently not. :rolleyes:
Victor can't forgive Billy for marrying Victoria, but apparently he can forgive Adam even though Adam caused the death of his baby.
They really need to fix this, it's gone beyond stupid.
It's so stupid that it appears like EB can barely stand to say the "Billy Boy" lines anymore.
Yup, they best do a Target "FIX IT FAST" on this deal! AND they need to quit making Billy be yet another character that cannot seem to learn from his mistakes. I started watching this show because of Billy Miller and I'm Team Billy all the way. I took a hiatus in September 2009 on the last day of Guiding Light and following Colleen's Celebration of Life for six months. Besides that I was sick of my favorite being the one note drunken frat boy that couldn't keep his pecker in his pocket. I'm of the minority on this board because I came back in 2010 because of Villy. Loved them!!!!! I raced home every night to watch the day ahead on YouTube. It was a guy singing with YR playing in the background but I just couldn't wait to see the show because of them. Then I DVR'd and watched the regular US program. Both characters in the pairing evolved and it was a nice evolution; not too fast and not slow. Great pace and then damned if they didn't have them jumping off the same cliff they just crawled back up from. Talk about disappointed. All I know is I'm over the Victor hatred of the character. An Abbott heart beats in his chest and even then he can't be allowed to show an ounce of gratitude. EB has to be sick of it! Can't they think of ANYTHING else for his character to do? He was never this hard hearted. All I know with the newbies drowning out the characters I care about and the characters I care about acting totally out of character or the character has been regressed to their former shitty self I am a hair's breath away from turning this show off yet again. I have waited through the MAB slop shop and hoped and prayed for a show I would rush home to watch and a show that would take me away for a little while from all the problems and conflicts in my daily life. It just isn't happening and it's sad that the number one daytime drama doesn't even come close to acting like it IS the number one daytime drama. They can thank the soap gods that they have that noon slot. That is what is on in my work break room and I find myself having lunch at my desk or at a picnic table rather than watch that mess. It is frustrating beyond measure.
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