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I don't know...maybe the one where he and Sami were trying to teach a young Will how to dance? I've always liked that one. There are the scenes surrounding Alice's death. Bryan was gold in those. Just gold.

I always love Lucas's honesty. No matter how he feels, he reveals it. He doesn't play games much. He's not too into subterfuge. He's not always right, of course. No one is. But he does go for honesty nine times out of ten. And he's not too proud to admit when he's wrong. Unlike most of the characters on this show, who don't show a whole heck of a lot of character growth, Lucas does have moments where he's learning something. He changes. He grows. It doesn't even feel like it's just for storyline purposes. For him, it feels genuine.

I feel like most of the characters nowadays are stuck in place, never learning much from past behavior...just continuing to make the same mistakes over and over, never learning anything about themselves. Back in the day, EVERY character learned lessons about who they were...they taught each other things, and learned to understand each other and the world around them.

Lucas reminds me of that, because he's one of the few who does learn lessons, and undergoes changes. I really like that about him.

I would LOVE to see him get the girl for a change. I mean, really. Not Sami, because once she has him, she invariably discards him for EJ, and Lucas deserves better. I would love to see him find someone who's really into him. But knowing Tomlin's attitude about Lucas and how he should never get the girl, I don't think Lucas will ever be a winner in love.

Tomlin doesn't always have the pulse of the audience, does he? I think some of the things he's done are good, if he's responsible for Nick's story, for Ciara getting some personality and feeling angry for what's happening around her, for Johnny's behavior as a DiMera. I like that Justin and Adrienne are getting more involved.

So it's not all bad.

But he does neglect Lucas, who's well thought of in the audience, and he continues to force Daniel and Jennifer on us whether we like them as a pairing or not.

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