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Jun 1 2013, 09:25 PM
Okay here I go. It's hard for me to pick a number so I went with what I thought was best...top 15

Lucas and Sami and the helicopter crash: Lucas poured his heart out about Will to Sami and it was super powerful....she thought he was going to leave her there to die, she was still hung up on Austin and he was married to Nicole. Sami has just refused to sign joint custody paperwork for Will and as they were flying back to Salem from the courthouse (yeah...it needed a helicopter ride) the copter crashed and she was left at the mercy of Lucas.....she thought he would leave her there to die and he proved her wrong. The speech where he says that she gave him the greatest gift anyone has ever given him was perfection...obviously he was talking about Will. The speech begin at about the 6:00 mark but the entire helicopter crash is worth watching. Remember this was when they HATED one another.....but Lorraine Broderick managed to write this scene in just the short time that she was HW.....

Lucas confronts Bill Horton after he finds out he's his father. Not much else needs to be said about this clip:

When Lucas admits he has a drinking problem to Alice. I have looked hard and long for this clip on youtube and I can't find it....if someone has it can they please link it? It's a very powerful scene and deserves to be watched again.

Lucas discovers he's Bill's son. This is slightly different then the clip above...it's the actual reveal, when he finds out, not when he confronts his father:

Lucas confesses to killing Curtis Brown to save Kate, who he thought was guilty of the crime. Obviously Lucas was innocent, so was Kate...but he didn't care....

Will's conception at the Titan Photo Lab. Such a defining moment in his life.

Lucas finds out about Will's paternity

#8 Lucas discovers Carrie's betrayal

Lucas confesses to Franco's killing and tries to stop Sami's execution:

Lucas does rock star Cherish in her dressing room
-I have to put this up here...just because it's the first time we ever saw Lucas on our screen and it's still one of the most memorable introductions to me....(Introductions of characters that are naked on soaps always amused me....wasn't Justin introduced this way?)....so here it is...the introduction of Lucas Roberts, also the very first time Lumi met:

Lucas proposes to Sami at Pent House Grille. He sang to her folks...and sure Bryan isn't very good at singing but who the hell cares...he sang to her...."When a man loves a woman"

Home to Me Dance..Lumi decides to teach Will how to dance and then this happens:

Lucas beats up Alan after Sami confessed that Alan raped her.

Lucas pleads with comatose Sami to live after Austin ran her over TWICE.

Lucas gives custody of Will over to Sami (there are 4 parts, all powerful, but these series of events leads Lucas to drink himself to a stupor and get caught up in the fire that Kate set to the K mansion in order to kill Victor. Bryan would be off the show while Lucas remained in a coma for 10 months and when he got back he had more muscles than Lucas left had when he when into the coma..lol
I vote for all those too!! So many nice memories!! I wish they wrote the show like they did back then!
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