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Week of May 21-25, 2012: MarDar Stories:

John, Bo, Hope, Shane, and Rafe arrested Stefano and hoped that he would be booked and in jail for a very long time. CIA Agent Newman informed the ISA team that Stefano was working undercover for the agency and ordered his release from police custody. The team was furious that Stefano had found yet another way to avoid serving time. Lexie struggled with the stress of being a being a DiMera as well as her progressing illness. Stefano tried to lift Lexie's spirits and hosted a family luncheon for her at the DiMera mansion. Chad told Stefano that he wanted to rejoin the family, but that he would not be involved in any illegal activities. Maggie confronted Victor about the secret that he was keeping from her. She was devastated when he admitted that he was the one who had stolen her eggs from the lab that had helped Daniel's mother become pregnant. She was so furious that he had lied to her for months that she walked out on him. Marlena sidelined John's plan to take out Stefano; at least for the time being. John and Marlena spent the day with Abe and Lexie and recalled good times throughout the years of their friendship. Carrie and Rafe decided to tell Austin about their relationship, but before Carrie could talk to Austin, he accidentally learned that she was pregnant. Carrie feared that her pregnancy would change everything for her and Rafe. Austin was so excited about Carrie's pregnancy that he couldn't wait to share the news with Rafe and Nicole, who just happened to be at the hospital while Austin and Carrie were there. Carrie promised Nicole that she would not tell anyone that E.J. was the father of Nicole's baby. Gabi convinced Will not to go to the police about her alleged stalker; he agreed, but cautioned her to stop trying to break up Melanie and Chad. Kate gave Sami some sound advice on how to salvage her relationship with Will. E.J. was furious when he learned that Will had been taking orders from Stefano the entire time that he was working for him.

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