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Sorry, but it's not that newsworthy or positive to me. A good week here or there does not a trend make.

Using the same numbers, I could write a headline that says it took this writing regime 18 months to get back up to the level that MarDar were at in this demo. And, btw, MarDar were being criticized at that time for having had a dismal November sweeps (they were down from the year before).

Days has a way of issuing press releases and sounding the trumpets when they have a good week (and by "good," they mean an uptick of a tenth of a percentage point or so). But of course, they are silent when they hit new record lows (as they were doing a few months ago). It's all spin to make themselves and their core audience feel better that things seem to be looking up. But without context and trend analysis, it's empty and misleading. Of course, all the shows do this kind of spin to some degree, but Days is among the worst offenders in my view because they don't have a good sound product to back up their claims.

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