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Jun 2 2013, 09:27 PM
Wow, I always wanted this to happen and it makes me so happy, but now that Jack and Phyllis are a couple, it's almost a waste Michelle is leaving the show now. I really was enjoying Jack and Phyllis and I do believe Phyllis was really starting to get over Nick for good and be ready to love Jack like he should be. Wow, so Nick and Phyllis don't share any children? I won't say that sucks!

I wonder how this will affect all involved, including the children and how Sharon will react to find out that this was one of the main reasons her marriage broke up and Nick never came clean.

Things just got interesting... I also wonder if this will finally be the nail that makes Chelsea tell Adam the truth when she sees how lying about paternity affects everyone even into the future.
I definitely think Sharon will have a full breakdown now. She's having enough trouble as it is and this will push her over. Nick is going to be having a lot to be sorry soon. This will play out for awhile I think. I did think about how this could connect Chelsea and Adam because right now Chelsea is doing the same thing to Adam.
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