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May 25 2013, 12:54 PM
I based the Emmy submission clips off of what the actors themselves said.

This is what Ari said in an interview with SON:

"And she thanks one unnamed co-star in particular for helping her land on the Emmy list: “I was kind of forced to change my reel by one of my castmates, and that was pretty cool, because I would have done something different,” she says of submitting the dramatic scenes involving the loss of Nicole’s baby rather than what she originally wanted, which was the first time Nicole sees Daniel after her attempted suicide. “I changed it last minute, and I’m glad I did.”
I would never want to contradict you, Jason, because you're awesome, and doing so is usually incredibly foolish. :lol:

That said...technically, the episode that HLN is crediting as Arianne Zucker's Emmy reel could also be described as an episode filled with "dramatic scenes involving the loss of Nicole's baby". In that episode, Daniel confronts Nicole and finally makes her admit the truth about her baby's death.

I don't really know what to believe, because all of HLN's Days reels are incomplete -- none of them show every single thing that happened in their respective episodes -- and, unlike the other soaps' reels, none of the Days reels show beginning and ending cards ("reel number...", "end of reel", etc.) that indicate that they are "official" reels. However, I'd like to believe that Arianne submitted the episode that HLN is claiming that she submitted, since that seems like the better choice to me. :shrug: I guess we'll find out on Emmy night.

On the subject of Peggy McCay's mystery submission, HLN is claiming that she submitted the episode that aired on October 10th, 2012, where she forgot that Lexie was dead, called Bo "Shawn", and eventually snapped that she was "going home" because she didn't want to talk to Bo about her memory lapses, prompting Bo to remind her that she was already at home.

Chandler Massey is a shoe-in for his category, but if HLN's reel descriptions are accurate, I actually think that Arianne and Peggy also each have a real chance of winning.

EDIT: Also, I just read that article for the first time and noticed this: "'I’m so proud of all of us,' she says of her nomination as well as the show’s 17 other Emmy nods. 'We’re an ensemble cast and crew. There’s no "I" in this team. I had Shawn Christian [Daniel Jonas] and Missy [Reeves, Jennifer Horton], almost everybody in my scenes, so I didn’t do it alone. So that’s what’s pretty cool. Everybody helped lift me up.'"

In the October 5th episode, Nicole only shared scenes with Dr. Sedwick. In the November 8th episode that HLN is listing as Arianne's Emmy submission, however, Nicole shared scenes with Daniel, Jennifer, E.J., Brady, Rafe, and Abby.
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