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Jun 3 2013, 03:52 PM
While still not happy about the Franco recast, I absolutely loved Monica and Tracy today. Even though they constantly bitch at each other when the chips are really down they have each other's back. I love my Q's.

Monica and AJ have had spot-on reactions to Michael's rape. AJ's reaction was the only thing I found compelling about last week's reveal.

Yes, sir, CarSon are reverting to form---this is so going to blow up in their faces, I can already tell. Although for once I am kind of hoping they actually pull this off, even though I know they won't.
I agree with all of your comments! I have really loved the way Tracy and Monica have been more integrated into the rest of the show-- especially Tracy. A few years ago, it was as if scenes with Quartermaines were limited to once a week filler living room scenes. Now they really have a presence in everyone's lives.

And DAMN, Diane. What a bitch in court!
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