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I dunno, I think I'm having a moment where I feel like writers in general are over-relying on the death of a major character as a shortcut for creating an emotional reaction in the viewers. It's not just this show (or even primarily this show), but between it, Walking Dead, Vampire Diaries- I'm ready for something else other than loss.

And, I think a little bit of balance is missing in the sense that...there was a lot of nothing happening, frankly, and when I reflect on the season the two standout moments are Jamie losing a hand and a massacre. I mean, I'd like something more than that to stick out, y'know?

Eh, I think I need to find more shows where the writers can create suspense without the outcome having to be death. It's not that it's inherently bad, it's just becoming the totality of my scripted drama experiences.
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