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I hope this season wins me back. My interest has been waning big time.

I do admit that everytime 'this time' rolls around I get a little excited. Hard not to after following cast announcements for so many years now.

I'm kind of surprised they seem to try and be breathing some life back into BB but I'll wait until I see the product before I realize probably nothing's changed LOL. But I'm hoping for the best.

I'm still torn on the idea for this upcoming Survivor season. Sigh. I love these shows but maybe it's time to either go back to the basics, or somehow reinvent them without gimmicky ridiculous twists. Or end them. Not BB -- yet. I think it could be refreshed, and it still does well for the summer so ... I think they just need to stop giving Probst so much power at Survivor.... but that's another thread LOL
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