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Jun 5 2013, 10:12 AM
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Jun 5 2013, 10:02 AM
My problem with JJ's SORASing is that they seem to have barely SORASed Abby at all. For Pete's sake, she was born on screen in 1992 and she STILL seems to be grouped into that college-aged bracket when she should, by all logic, be regarded as older. I think she even celebrated her 16th birthday in 2004. Of course, you can't really keep Abby the same age distance from JJ (timespans always get compressed with SORASing), she should STILL at least be written as mid-late 20s, not some simpering early-20s ingenue co-ed. I mean, girlfriend is only 5 months to the day YOUNGER than Brady.
Days seriously seems to be stuck in a weird time loop. No one seems to be able to break out of their original age bracket.
That does seem to be the case....I can't wait for the next WTD storyline with Hope :P
Why? It'll still end up being in Bo. They can conceive babies with an ocean between them.
True. But besides Marlena's miraculous pregnancy with Roman's kid, she'd be one of the oldest mothers on the show.

And I'm still irked that they made Zack Bo's.
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