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Jun 5 2013, 10:14 AM
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My problem with JJ's SORASing is that they seem to have barely SORASed Abby at all. For Pete's sake, she was born on screen in 1992 and she STILL seems to be grouped into that college-aged bracket when she should, by all logic, be regarded as older. I think she even celebrated her 16th birthday in 2004. Of course, you can't really keep Abby the same age distance from JJ (timespans always get compressed with SORASing), she should STILL at least be written as mid-late 20s, not some simpering early-20s ingenue co-ed. I mean, girlfriend is only 5 months to the day YOUNGER than Brady.
Days seriously seems to be stuck in a weird time loop. No one seems to be able to break out of their original age bracket.
Part of the reason for that, I think, is that everyone kind of... looks great. Like, in the 80's, you hardly saw the "older parents" kiss or anything like that. I mean Bill and Susan basically said that Doug and Julie's romantic life was over when Kristian was cast. But there was a shift in that in the late 90's and 00's, when the teen scene started, but the adults still looked great and had romantic storylines. So now, we have Bope, J&M, Jen and Dan (sorry, but...) who are, to their credit, written in the same age group they were 10 years ago. Though they are grandparents and now greatgrandparents, they're still romantic leads. So everyone is kind of stuck generationally, which isn't necessarily a bad thing, I think.
I see what you're saying. I definitely think they could do a better job though. I mean, keeping them as romantic leads is kind of ruining them. The current baby story is handling this sort of better but they still treat the vets like they're in their 30s, the 30s like they're 20s, and the 20s like they're teens. I've seen Marlena in enough triangles and romantic angst. I'd like her to do something else. I've seen Sami in enough triangles, wedding mishaps, and baby stories. I just wish they'd let everyone grow up a little bit.
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