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Jun 5 2013, 09:54 AM
Jun 5 2013, 09:42 AM
I don't mind SORASing as long as it's a gradual SORAS at the same rate as a characters peers in the same age group which doesn't muddy birth orders. IMO, a good general rule for SORASing is 15-16 years in the span of 10, but only if the parents are at an age to support it and everyone else in the same "generation" is aged in relation.
Very well put. I think the dilemma they usually have is that there isn't much "drama" for characters from let's say age 7 to age 15. They're doing well with Ciara, but she's just a player in the larger story. If she were to have her own story with her peers, what would it be about, lol? So I agree, if they can age an entire group to avoid that issue, it makes a lot of sense.
they did pretty well with just minor SORAS-es for Shawn D. He got aged a few years every time he was recast through the 90s, & then there was a tiny jump when BB took over from JC. Shawn D, had he not been SORASed, would be 26 now. With SORASing, he's probably only just over 30.
(the fact that there are characters that were born almost 10 years later who are now about 10 years older is just weird.)

Claire, like many of the kids today, was only aged so that she was able to have more lines & play a bigger role in a story.
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