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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Jun 5 2013, 10:20 AM
And there also seems to be certain "fixed point" SORASings where you have to essentially reset your chronology. In the 70s, it happened when Mike & David were SORASed (rather extremely, tbqh). It happened again with the next set in the 80s with Hope/Melissa/Jennifer and it all stayed fairly constant from that point on until the Last Blast group (which, IMO, was a SORASing clusterfuck). Ever since then, unfortunately, it's been a whacked out hodgepodge of random SORASings without any regard to anything that's happened before. IMO, all of the current SORASings/age groupings really have to be in relation to whatever age Will is because of how hold Sami/Lucas are/were when Will was born. As much as everyone loves James Scott & EJ, bringing him on was one of the worst things the show ever did in regards to its timeline and the chronology of its own characters.
I still say Ej should have been brought in as a teenager...and he could be a love interest for Will now.
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