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Jun 5 2013, 07:20 PM
Jun 5 2013, 07:05 PM
They can barely write for characters they do have,they don't need anymore charcter's.
Or maybe new characters will help breath new life into existing characters and their storylines. At the very least they need to improve the dating pool in Salem. Almost everyone is related to each other. And if the aren't related, they've probably already banged them. Some fresh meat couldn't hurt. And aren't most of you complaining about the re-hashing of storylines and love triangles, etc...?
Possibly. I know my biggest complaint is not the rehashing of old stories, but the fact that I think actors currently on the canvas are not being utilized as they should be, or that vets are not being given quality writing. And some of these tired story-lines and triangles might happen regardless, given the core set of characters that still get tremendous play. But maybe new characters might inject something into something - change could be good.

And yes - t'would be good to avoid inbreeding if possible. Although what I think the show needs more than most things is another female in Nicole/Sami's age group.

I am not too excited about either of these casting calls. I am guessing Sabrina might be brought into to be part of JJ's storyline somewhere somehow. Anytime "heart of gold" is used in a description though....... :eyeroll: I wonder about the guitar-playing dreamboat and his role in the 20s sect.
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