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Jun 5 2013, 08:01 PM
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Jun 4 2013, 02:08 PM
Ok I wasn't interested in this eppi at all till someone said Stefano ordered Rafe's thing cut off?! Okay now I have to watch. Although I think Tomlin got a bit too close to the Passions fumes with this one (but I love ridiculous).
Was Gary Tomlin on Passions when Julian got his penis chopped off and they had to resew it on but put it on backward? Then we'll know if it's too much near Passions territory, lol. An upside down penis.
an upside down penis

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honestly if i had been Julian i may have wanted to cut it off myself after i found out i had impregnated my son. Granted I'm not sure if he knew at this point or not....

but yeah, he/she drugged his/her mother and she sewed Julian's penis on upsidedown. It stayed that way until the finale when a magical 3 year old (or was it Kay?) fixed it for him.
Here's the part where his current fling Esme finds out his penis was cut off. Her niece Vicki was the one who did it. Meanwhile Eve is with Valerie/Vincent who's pregnant and going on about how he/she is going to take care of his/her baby like his/her parents didn't.

(Edit: I tried to embed it but it seems like it's blocked :( watch from 22:07 to about 23:45. And don't mind Esme, she's wayy OTT, even for Passions, lol. Then FF to 25:14 to watch Julian's reaction, :roflol: ).


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