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Jun 5 2013, 08:09 PM
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Rafe wasn't using Kate, they had mutual feelings for each other. Sami is shocked and jealous he moved on with another woman, especially her ex-mother-in-law
It was pleasure-based, though, not emotion-based. Did I see a ring? Did I see him say he loved her? Or cared for her beyond her vagina? He wasn't using her, as in she wasn't aware. They were using each other: for sex. Stolen moments between the sheets. Not anything emotion-based.
In the beginning, they were just having sex, however they really cared abt each other.
I chalked that up to hormones and natural chemical reactions that occur after having sex with someone. I discounted those surface "feelings" they mentioned. Which were more (from what I saw) about caring for someone. Yes, they care about whether the other lives or dies. But it's not like Rafe wanted to date Kate. He wants to be a father and she can't give him that. It was oxytocin. Pure science.
Same situation as Kristin and Brady.Rafe was willing to adopt Grace and has always been shown to care about Will,Johnny,Allie,and Sydney.He will also have Arianna Grace.People don't have to be the same age/social status to love or care about each other.Rafe's character has not been written that he would use a woman just for sex.I like the fact that Kate was too proud to continue groveling to Stefano.He is still treating her like dirt.After the way Stefano treated Kate,it had to be satisfying to know a younger man finds her attractive.
Based on the shocked squeamish look on Bernardi's face and the cruel look on Stefano's face after those flashbacks,it's clearly the penis.I find it ironic that it appears Sami
will being going to jail and separated from her one true love because she saved Rafe (and his penis) from a fate worse than death.
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