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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Jun 6 2013, 10:06 AM
Jun 6 2013, 10:00 AM
...you see just ONE episode and you could tell the following vets had a bunch of story:
One thing I loved about JER's writing was the pacing. Yes, it was slow, but it was even, and just enough happened each episode that you wanted to tune in tomorrow. I know MarDar said in interviews that they were doing that, but they weren't. With JER, there was always some mini-cliffhanger, with Fridays being more of a cliffhanger. Whenever we post a JER episode here, it's self-contained enough that people can get the idea of what's going on, and you usually wonder what happens next.
I totally agree. He was also very good at the build up/payoffs and not climaxing all the stories at once...something that clearly TomSell just did during May sweeps and now the show is again boring....for example...look at the date of this show...late July...not really a sweeps period and it was the summer but you still had so much going on... IDK.....it just feels that we'll never get something like this again...no matter who they have writing...

and mind you JER's second run left a lot to be desired...in comparing it to his first run....but still.....he was miles ahead of anyone since....too bad the guy ended up dying...because I could certainly see Corday going back to him or the network demanding him to come in again if he weren't dead.
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