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Jun 4 2013, 07:26 PM
Jun 4 2013, 05:49 PM
I'm extremely suspicious that JJ isn't just the writers' way of saying that everyone who complains about Daniel and Dannifer is a terrible brat. In fact I'm expecting any day to read a spoiler that he sells Parker on the black market.
Oh, I definitely think this is so. Also, Anne is their way of saying "only ugly jealous bitches hate Dannifer."

But the trick is, Anne is played by an wonderful and very attractive actress with great comic timing and charisma.

And JJ had been introduced with troubles that are very organic to the story, and he's the son of Jack Deveraux. He's also played by a pretty good, albeit green, you actor with screen presence. More than a few people are going to be on JJ's side.

So, they will have to give Daniel access to a time machine. And have all the characters always ask "Where's Daniel" when he's offscreen. (Simpsons references. But Daniel has been given the Poochie treatment.)
All the same, I think I'd just prefer it if people stopped caring about Daniel, period. In Salem everyone either loves Daniel to high heaven or hates him for totally irrational reasons. That's one of the tell-tale signs of a Gary Stu. I'd rather Daniel be isolated and have less interactions than more, negative or positive.

They've made the acceptance of Daniel and Dannifer an effort-intensive project. DR fans can hold out as long as they want, and honestly I'm among that crowd, but there'll be new fans who will have started watching only last year or this year and won't understand the difference between Daniel Jonas and John Black in terms of character history on this show, and they'll only see a kid who does highly irresponsible things out of a sense of misplaced blame.

Because Daniel Jonas the person isn't at fault for what happened to Jack and didn't ask to be Maggie's insta-baby and didn't ask to be Chloe's baby's father, but its the writers' preference for Daniel Jonas that we're criticizing. What the writers are doing are conflating the meta-level criticisms with the plot-level and people who haven't watched the whole thing won't get the issue and they could easily run the clock out until fewer and fewer people remember. That might strengthen the resolve of some, but ultimately you can't control the in-and-out-flux of viewers and I just think in the long run it's going to take a change of writers to really solve anything.

I just can't wait until JJ could maybe have a storyline that has nothing to do with Daniel Jonas at all. That's the most I can hope for. He's young and as long as he's young all this stuff can serve as "origin story" type material for bigger and better things. I just am going to be eye-rolling a lot until that can happen.
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