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I finally saw the whole show. I'm rooting for Nick and Gabi. I'm glad he's starting to act like the real Nick again. I don't particularly like Gabi much but I like Nick, so unless they come up with someone he has better chemistry with then I hope he and Gabi work things out.

I get that Daniel was upset. It would scare any parent....but he overreacted with the physical stuff. Yelling would have been appropriate, but not putting his hands on him. It's pretty obvious JJ wasn't paying attention to what was going on with the kid, but he wasn't purposely trying to hurt him and it technically wasn't his job to watch him. Daniel should have been more angry with Abigail.

I can see why EJ might be upset over the "what we have" line. But asking her about hating Kate so much? I really don't think she needs much of an excuse. She's always hated Kate. The fact that she was sleeping with Rafe is just one more thing to add. I don't know that she still is in love with Rafe, and I don't care. I'm so sick of her and her fickle hoo-hah. But I can see why she'd not want Kate involved with him, even if she has absolutely no feelings for him anymore.

Stefano's plan is just stupid. Does he not think that Kate will not figure it was him behind it? He should have just smothered him with a pillow. But then maybe he wants Kate to know? :shrug:

As always... Love Wilson. Wish they'd get some more emotional scenes though. Privately.
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