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Sorry, but in my mind this is when the show began a disturbing downward spiral that took them years to get over. The Salem Stalker storyline was so brilliantly told for the first nine months, and then once characters began to pop up in Melaswen, it became too absurd. The show never recovered from the prepostorous explanation and the ratings reflected that. I still feel as though we never got the full story on whether portions of the story were rewritten at the last minute. But having Tony (later "Andre") responsible made absolutely no sense. But I still have fond memories of the original murders, atleast.
I agree. I think we know it was rewritten, we just don't know the original story. But this is a classic example of Corday panicking and everything ending up in a giant pool of WTFery. I'd still take this over today's show though.
Me too
Me three.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but when Marlena was revealed as the killer, didn't JER or Corday say that Marlena hadn't been brainwashed and that she was killing people of her own volition? But then the storyline became all cray-cray, and it turned out that Marlena HAD been brainwashed, and no one was really dead after all! So, I've always wanted to know what JER's original plans for Marlena were going to be.
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