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Jun 5 2013, 10:08 PM
Wasn't able to watch today or tonight but just read Pat's recap. (Thanks Pat!) Sounds like half of the show was great and half (Sami) was filler. I think with Nick/Gabi, the reason people are finally interested in them, myself included, is that finally there's a good story. When it seems that Days is just matching up two random people, with only the kissing/sex to back it up, it just falls flat. But if there's an actual compelling story, we'll watch! The mistake they made with Nick and Gabi is that they didn't even hint at the story until now. That's a mistake Days has been making in many places with the writing. The audience should have known all along that Nick's heart wasn't really in the relationship. That would have made their scenes much more interesting, and we would have had something to root for if (pregnant) Gabi had been really looking forward to having a family with Nick.
I think this is it exactly. My problem with Nick and Gabi initially was they fell in love too quickly. I know we don't get drawn out romances anymore but it seemed like they could have Gabi a little more hesitant hanging around an ex-con she's heard such conflicting things about while Nick would probably not want to get involved with anyone this soon until he knows where his post prison life is going.

But now, they've managed to take that sped up romance and explain it away organically that makes sense for the characters. Now they have actual obstacles to overcome and it gives us something to root for. And as I said before their conversation yesterday was well done in the sense they talked things over. Nick admitted to his past sins and realized that his "love" for Gabi has been false, and didn't try to hide that from her either. As for Gabi, she didn't become hysterical or try to pretend nothing had changed. She admitted to not knowing what to do but her daughter comes first thus she needs distance away from Nick until he/she/they can sort things out.
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