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So far, I think Jennifer's son is a good addition to the show. He has got a welcome edge. The difficulty I have with the Daniel/Jennifer storyline is....Daniel just does not work for me. Maybe he would elsewhere or maybe I just don't get the character. Does anyone else feel like this? I resist this whole storyline. But why? Because it feels...contrived, not character-driven & organic (as opposed to Sonny/Will or Hope's troubles with Ciara). And soap viewers-this makes the soap genre unique-know the difference.
Okay, soap writers have always pushed certain characters to the detriment of the overall story- I felt this strongly with the Melanie character as well. She was everywhere & you could not escape her. It always lasts, well, until the writers are shown the door. I also realize that I may be in the minority with my opinions. Still, it is just impossible not to want to tweak the story yourself if you feel it going awry.
Daniel being Maggie's son...no. That's inauthentic & unnecessary. Daniel could be a character on the show, just not her son. She already has Melissa & Sarah; the latter simply begs to return as a 30-something heroine who could be front burner immediately, taking her rightful place with her mother (& ambivalent & watchful about Victor!) & cousins. I get that writers wanted Matthew Ashford off- although I don't get the reasoning. Just think of the storyline for Jennifer, Jack and their children to play: the kids discover Jack's past with Kayla. The fallout could continue for years- Jack guilt ridden & trying to explain himself, Abby disenchanted & turning away from both parents, her own relationships (with boys & maybe a friendship with Kayla'a daughter, wrecked) affected. Now here is a stellar reason for Jack Jr.'s rebellion; while Jennifer tries to manage them all & also looking inside herself. With Mary Beth Evans on the canvas, the players would all be in place (and supremely capable of bringing it) to play the notes of a story that began years ago (think of the flashbacks). Reckoning-true, pure soap opera (what it can do best)-about the past haunting the present.
The problem now is...Jack Jr. is utterly correct. His mother is acting uncharacteristically & has moved on too fast. If the show insists on eschewing Matt Ashford, Jennifer could still play the story of realizing that she has been untrue to herself, break off with Daniel & play the beats of her grief. A couple with as much chemistry as Jack and Jennifer deserves that. The path now chosen is actually damaging Jennifer's character. It is always unwise to shortchange the credibility of a soap legacy character (Jenniifer is a Horton: Bill & Laura's child, Tom & Alice's granddaughter).
But the wider audience may feel far differently. And Days is certainly the best soap on the air now. Nick's confession to Maggie was beautifully done by both. Laura's return to counsel her daughter, Gabi's ambivalence about Nick, Caroline's continued grappling with Alzheimer's, Kate's secret, supposedly no strings affair with a younger man, are all good. Hope & Sami's recent conversation at the police station was textbook good soap & writing: a conflicted Hope referencing her late son; a quarrelsome Sami suddenly showing compassion. Bo's absence is deeply felt & I don't have a solution, but I really like Hope's scenes with her daughter; Kristian Alfonso hitting the right notes whether feeling guilty or gently chiding her daughter. It feels real- the concept of authenticity again- & sets the stage for more good psychological drama: is Ciara (the little girl is doing just fine in her scenes) the next Horton to struggle & evolve? Days has always done a great job with the troubled, tormented Horton granddaughters (Julie, Sandy, Jessica, Hope, Melissa). Maybe it is time for the next generation to start, too.
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