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Jun 6 2013, 05:22 PM
So far, I think Jennifer's son is a good addition to the show. He has got a welcome edge. The difficulty I have with the Daniel/Jennifer storyline is....Daniel just does not work for me. Maybe he would elsewhere or maybe I just don't get the character. Does anyone else feel like this? I resist this whole storyline. But why? Because it feels...contrived, not character-driven & organic (as opposed to Sonny/Will or Hope's troubles with Ciara). And soap viewers-this makes the soap genre unique-know the difference.
So much of your post was spot on in its articulation of ways that fans feel about the show these days, but, in particular, your views on Daniel as a character. A significant number of us viewers, as far as I can see, feel that way about him. It's beyond frustrating to watch him suck up so much screentime and attention on the show when beloved male characters about the same age, with far longer histories and larger fanbases, are killed off (Jack) or barely used (Lucas). Many of us also think that Daniel and Jennifer have no chemistry and are just an absolutely lifeless, empty shell of a pairing, and cannot fathom why TPTB continue to push them so hard, going so far as to fire Matt and kill Jack off specifically to facilitate that reunion. That's undoubtedly one of the tackiest and disrespectful things the show's ever done, IMO.

I'm loving Casey Moss as JJ Devereaux and I think he's done a great job with the material he's been given. Because I don't care for Daniel, I've enjoyed him messing with Daniel. But, like you, I believe there are much deeper and richer possibilities if Jack were alive and a part of their family life. But unfortunately one of the current head writers is unable to get beyond his own biases with regards to what characters are showcased and it's been highly destructive to the creative vision of the show. It's a damn shame.
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