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Jun 6 2013, 05:53 PM
I really feel bad for GH, but seriously, OLTL characters have done nothing for me at all & the writing hasn't been all that appealing either!
I don't like to box the three into the "OLTL 3" or "Llanview 3" but just as newbies in general. Zzzilas is a total bore and does absolutely nothing for me. He's an asshole and I hate watching his scenes. Lauren (who I will never call Kiki) is basically Starr back when she was bratty and now she's a slut. And Roger Howarth is just a sad, sorry case. They went with Franco because they knew it would cause massive buzz, but they totally unFrancoed him. He is just an even more evil Todd Manning now. If they would have just made him a random Quartermaine he could have still had the same connections and still had some percentage of the Quartermaine vote. They could have still brought in Lauren Frank without needing Franco so that's two new Qs with votes.

I just don't get it and I never will. If they made him Alexander Cassadine/Quartermaine as was rumored then him just basically being Todd wouldn't be so jarring. Franco and Todd are two of the most opposite characters of all time and now they are the exact same. What? Not even a nice try!

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