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I have some news. Anyone who knows me that the only thing that equals my passion for 'The Edge of Night,' is my passion for Presidential History and politics. Well, would you believe I have come across something that combines the two? I feel like a kid on Christmas morning.
I have discovered that the late actress Jane White, who played Nurse Lydia Holliday (1968), has a very unique lineage. She is a great-great-great grandfather of a signer of the Declaration of Independence Benjamin Harrison V, she is the great-great granddaughter of President William Henry Harrison and is the daughter of Walter White, who headed the NAACP president from 1931-1955.
Jane White appeared on Broadway with Carol Burnett in 'Once Upon a Mattress.'
As Nurse Holliday, she conspired with male nurse's aide Calvin Brenner (Scott Glenn) to kill their patient Phil Capice (Ray MacDonnell).
Old Tippecanoe, in addition to having 10 children by his wife Anna Tuthill Symmes, also had 6 children with his slave Dilsia. Prior to his presidential campaign, in 1836, William Henry Harrison, saw fit to hide his dirt under the rug by selling his slave to his brother. WHH ultimately lost the 1836 election, but won in a landslide in 1840. As our History books will tell you, the then oldest man to assume the presidency (age 68) gave the longest Inaugural Address (1 Hour, 45 minutes) in a cold, rain drenched Washington, DC without his hat or overcoat. One month later, President Harrison died of pneumonia, becoming the first incumbent Chief Executive to die in office.
In her Summer 2011 NYT obit, the 89 year old White was quoted as saying that she would have had a more substanive stage career had she not been too Black for White parts and too White for Black parts.
I have already spoken to the library archivist of Miss White's alma mater, Smith College (where she donated her papers).
Since 1968 was such a horrible year for us historically (the MLK and RFK assassinations), I have been wondering if Jane shared her unique lineage to her castmates. I have been unsuccessful in contacting Scott Glenn and I have written two letters to Ray MacDonnell, both at the AMC re-boot studio in Connecticut as well as his suburban New York home. I have not heard from him.
I'm hoping to get enough information to do either a research paper or book.
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