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Thanks for posting :biggrin:

I am very excited about this story. I love that Ej is going to move heaven and earth to get Sami out of this mess. He will be her hero. It is not the first time that Ej has saved Sami (most recently was during the CH last Summer) and I am sure it won't be the last time. :applause:

This is going to delicious torturous angst for Ejami. I have no doubt they will get through this stronger than before. :wub:

What Sami did was stupid and she will pay for it dearly, as will her loved ones. But I know her heart was in the right place. She has been carrying this guilt for cheating on Rafe and for choosing Ej over him for a long time. To make matter worst, everyone keeps reminding her how she hurt poor Rafe who saved her :eyeroll: time and time again.

So now Sami is repaying Rafe :eyeroll: by saving his worthless ass. I totally get it. After this, they will be even. The debt is paid so Sami can move on and focus on her family and the man she loves. By the time, this story wrapped, I suspect we will be ready for the November Sweeps Ejami wedding (just my speculation). :cheers: :cheer:

Looking forward to this. So much potential. I have no doubt I will cry, laugh and eat all the ejami goodness with a spoon.
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