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Come on Ron, We are counting on YOU !!

Jun 6 2013, 08:48 PM
This doesn't even sound like a story.
Lol...this sounds like a bunch of scenes that will be put together and the reveal will happen around the fall sometime just when Rafe is already awake and doesn't remember squat....

Anyway....someone mentioned up thread that it would be a good twist to have Ej be the one that takes the knife that the cop used. I am wondering with Stefano slinking out of town and only a few people with access to the knife that the crooked cop was about to use to castrate Rafe, if Ej somehow is the one that ultimately ends up hiding the weapon assuming that Sami won't need it in her defense. I just have to think that the scenes this week with the very obvious word play and Ej hearing Kate/Sami go at it about Rafe, if that won't come into play later as motive for Ej hiding the knife. Ej typically has reacted negatively to his own insecurities when it comes to Sami and Rafe. IF Ej somehow suspects that if Rafe wakes up Sami will want to run back into his arms based on what he overheard, or if he suspects that Rafe's near brush with death will make him re evaluate his future and want to come back to Sami would that lead EJ to hide the weapon because let's face it....IMHO it's not the first time that Ej has done something so out there solely to hurt Sami that I can't help but think that maybe this is the plan....it would certainly be 'twisted' if nothing else...and it would be something that I can see Ej doing.....would he have done it if he hadn't heard Sami and Kate's spat over Rafe...probably not...but he did and he hasn't told Sami what bothered him.....so let's see what happens but I think it's plausible that this is what might come out as the big angst for Ejami.

I've read the entire article and it makes it sound like EJ continues to be bothered by Sami willing to risk her freedom to save Rafe. It's sort of hilarious.....Ej has to make the parallel here....Sami was willing to kill Ej not even 3 years ago, but she's willing to risk her freedom to save Rafe's life....IMHO if I were Ej, that would bug the fuck out of me.
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